Friday, June 1

date with my favorite firstborn

Ever since the day I found out I was pregnant with a little girl, I have held a special place in my heart for her! I really thought I wanted a boy, until the tech told me it was a girl, at that moment I knew that I wanted a little girl and I immediately started dreaming about all the fun girly things we'd be doing together and all the fun "adventures" we'd have as a mother daughter duo! I love my mom and we have a great relationship and I just hope that my little girls and I can have that kind of relationship! 
All that being said...Hailey has really been getting the "shaft", lately. And I just really feel like we haven't been able to have fun together. I'm so worn out and so tired and when we're at home, even when we do hang out and do fun stuff I find myself getting distracted and doing other stuff (or falling asleep while watching a movie) or the babies waking up early and I think that Hailey has really suffered for it. For the last week she's started using only one word to talk, having tons of potty accidents, crying like the babies, begging to be rocked, wanting to be carried everywhere- basically acting like a baby. I don't know if she's doing it on purpose, if she's doing it for attention or just for fun, but its been breaking my heart. I love this little girl so much and I want her to know it, but I don't always have the time and the energy to shower her with time and attention! But, today, I skipped grocery shopping- my wonderful mom in law came up, spent the afternoon snuggling with babies and gave Hailey and I a chance to get out and spend some quality time together! We just went to a coffee shop in town, but it was, seriously, a blast. I need the reminder, every once in a while, that this girl is fun and my little "buddy"!! 
 we started out with some free popcorn...followed it up with a PINK smoothie...
 enjoyed eating all the whipped cream off the top...
 tried on some cool shades and sparkly bracelets...
 (aren't we hot) :)
 then, Hailey found her favorite find of the day- red, polka dot, cowgirl rainboots! 
You can't go wrong when you have a date that starts with free popcorn and ends with your little girls saying, "I gonna be a cowgirl when I grow up, momma, so I wear boots like this all the time!" :) 
I wish there were more opportunities for me to have some one on one time with my kids. The hardest part of having 4 kids, for me, is that I feel like I'm always torn and always letting someone down and not giving someone enough attention or love or snuggles or smiles or whatever...but, I'm thankful that I have sweet and precious times like this!! They give me hope for the future and definitely make me look forward to the day when I can enjoy fun "getaways" with each of my kiddos...guess I'll have to take Jack to a tractor show or something... ;)

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