Sunday, June 17

Happy Father's Day!!

Today is such a special day for everyone- we get a wonderful excuse to call up our dad's, visit our dad's or just plain tell our Dad's how much they mean to us! Since I already told my Dad...and my kids can't tell their Dad- I thought I'd tell you 4 of my favorite things about my babies' daddy! (in honor of- Hailey, Jack, Maysen and 4 favorite things from him) :)
1) Hailey and her daddy...I don't think this really needs any explanation as to why I absolutely adore this bond. From the moment she was born and his eyes were widened with wonder, he cut the umbilical cord and then barely waited for the nurse to place her in his arms. I've very rarely seen this man cry, but this sweet baby girl brought tears to his eyes in an instant and at that moment all the pain of childbirth was made worthwhile- just seeing the love of my life meeting the "newest" love of his life! That beautiful, beautiful bond continues to this day and I just love seeing it develop. She truly has a friend in her Daddy...and he has a little "worshipper" in her :) 
 2) he's so goofy and silly and is always making me and the kids laugh with his silly antics, dances, made up songs or otherwise silly things. I don't know how I would survive some days without Korey and his silliness!! He keeps us all laughing at life!
 3)he's an incredibly hard worker. He works hard at work and he works hard at home. He's never one to shy away from physical labor! (not to mention the fact that he's incredibly sexy with his shirt off...) ;)
 4) Korey is the best Daddy I could ask for my kids. He was involved and enjoyed Hailey and Jack, but that is  nothing compared to how he is with Maysen and Maelle. He is AMAZING with them. I'm not sure if it's because they're our 3rd and 4th and he's more comfortable with them or because there's 2 of them and it'd just be mean to sit and watch me struggle all by myself, but he often steps in and takes a baby and it's so much fun to see him really enjoying the baby stage! And, it's really fun to see how good he is at it all. He still doesn't change too many diapers, but he can get them both to smile and giggle like no one else and he often will give me a break and bounce one or both of them on the ball when they're crabby and nothing else satisfies :) It's even fun to go to the store and each of us take a baby and just "watch" him as he goes through the store looking all "daddy-like" cooing at his baby! 
Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy around! I love you so much, Korey! 

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