Thursday, June 21

cooking with kids

Before I had kids and when Hailey was too small to help in the kitchen cooking with kids seemed so special and wonderful and "memorable" and was something that I just could not wait to do. I read all these cute blogs where the mom's cooked adorable looking things with their adorable looking children. They were always smiling, the kitchen always seemed clean and their treats always turned out. Now that Hailey's big enough to really enjoy cooking and baking with me I've found it to be none of those things. It's incredibly messy, it takes at least 4x's as long, she rarely looks adorable while we're doing it because she's often covered in whatever we're making, and often the treats don't even come out looking close to what they're supposed to!! In fact, if I were to be truly honest, 1/2 the time its not even fun. So...why do I do it...mostly, because I have the most precious and sweet memories of cooking and baking with my mom and my grandma and I'm hoping that someday cooking and baking with Hailey (and Jack and the M&M's) will be fun. That someday all the mess and the "messy creations" will be worthwhile...that someday we'll work side by side creating lasting memories (that don't include corn syrup running down the cupboard onto the dog, flour and or sugar all over the floor and burned fingers) and dinners you can actually eat and pretty desserts (other than rice krispy treats and schotcharoos). For now, though, I guess I'll take the memories that we can make (or that I can capture on camera, so we can remember) and the fun that we do have!! :) (it honestly is hard NOT to have fun with Hailey...she's so smiley and loves to laugh and have fun)

yup, it really did happen...someone spilled the corn syrup all down the cupboard and onto the dog's back...and, yes, it did take me scrubbing the floor and cupboard 3 times before it wasn't sticky anymore!

  busted!! maybe you shouldn't eat anything that comes out of our least for a few more years ;)

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