Friday, September 30

like father like son

I always knew that Hailey and Korey had a special bond, but until recently I hadn't really seen that same bond between Korey and Jackson, but just lately I really have seen that same bond growing between these two!

Jackson definitely does love carrying around a gun- just like his Daddy and I think he's gonna grow up to be a mighty duck slayer- just like his Daddy is! :) I know, for a fact, that Korey is chomping at the bit to take his son out duck hunting- he probably will just as soon as he can walk a little better! ;)

Saturday, September 24

when the big sister's away...

the little brother will play! :)

I think that's how the little rhyme goes, right??!

Hailey left today to stay with her Auntie Fysh for the four days and we're all really missing her around here...doesn't it look like it?! hehehehe...ok, so maybe we don't look like it, but when we left Eau Claire and Felicia took 53S and we took it N Korey and I looked at each other and he said, "I miss her already- let's go get her!" and I pretty much felt the same way! :)

It definitely is a lot easier to relax around here, though, without our little "mover and shaker"

but, life just isn't the same- is it, baby Jack??!

I'm really hoping that Hailey and Jackson will sleep ok tonight without each other- they're so used to playing and chatting before bed that I'm a little worried about them missing each other and having problems sleeping without each other!

Wednesday, September 21

Psalm 66:20

"Blessed be God who has not turned away my prayer, nor His mercy from me"

When I started this blog, this verse was my "theme" verse and the inspiration behind writing it- I wanted to share God's faithfulness to me with you all! There are days that God's faithfulness is not quite so obvious to me, but it's on those days that I feel more of a need to remind myself of how God has shown me His faithfulness in the past, and in turn, it really brings forth to my mind how He can and will be faithful to me in my immediate circumstance!

Here are a few things that God has shown His faithfulness to me:

-He led me to Fort Wilderness after highschool, where I was able to solidify my faith in Him and gain some independence in my walk with Him

-He saved me from marrying the wrong man, a few different times

-He brought me back to my parent's church, where I could deepen my faith in Him and be discipled by amazing women

-He gave me Korey- the best man for me and saved him for me!

-He moved Korey and I to Wausau, gave us two great church families- each for a special time in our lives

-He gave me great and amazing friends who spur me on, who challenge me, who I can cry with, laugh with, and pray with

-He gave Korey and I time in our marriage together to be just the two of us- to deepen and develop our relationship before giving us a "quiver full" of children to take up a lot of our time and energy

-He gave us four children in His precious timing

-He gave me time to get adjusted to having two children, before adding two more

-He was faithful to me through the transition between Hailey and Jackson- He gave all of us the grace to handle that transition and stress

-He had my egg split sooner, rather than later, so that each of our girls had time to develop their own amniotic sac

-He kept M and M from developing twin to twin syndrom and kept them healthy and growing until they were into the viable life range

for all of these things I am so thankful and grateful to the Lord!

And, by going over this list it reminds me that He will be faithful to complete His work in all of us- that He will hear our prayers and continue to watch over our family and do what He feels is best for us!

Tuesday, September 20

27 weeks 4 days

we are 27 weeks and 4 days into this pregnancy, now!

I'm not feeling super huge and since Maelle flipped around I'm feeling a lot less pressure and pain, so that is nice, but it's not so nice that she has flipped and is feet down! We are measuring about 5 weeks ahead, so not too incredibly far, but enough that I'm having a hard time finding clothes that fit already! :)

Today we had an appointment with our ob and I took hailey and Jackson with me- Hailey absolutely loved it and had been talking about going to see the babies for days! I was really happy with how well they both did, but it was pretty cute how concerned for me Hailey was- she kept asking, "you ok, momma?" :)

Now, for the not so great A and baby B have always been measuring fairly small, but when we went in baby B- Maysen, measured very small, compared to Maelle, so the doctors are a little worried that the placenta may not be doing such a great job supporting the girls and we need to do whatever we can to try and get them to gain a little more weight. So, as of today, we're just laying low, eating milkshakes and cheeseburgers and trying to gain some more weight. The doctor told me today that, now, isn't the time to worry about good fats vs bad fats- it's just the time to eat and eat and eat and lay on the couch enjoying movies and tv with my kiddos! :)

Please pray for our family- that the little m & m's would gain some good weight, that my placenta would give them the nutrients that they need- so we don't have to meet them anytime in the very near future, that Hailey and Jack would be patient and on their best behavior, that their mommy would be able to do what is best for all of her kids, and that their Daddy would be given strength to pick up the slack and not grow to weary!

Tuesday, September 13

our new stroller

Thanks to the $ we received at our baby shower on Sunday and from the sale of our two double strollers I was able to buy a new quadruple stroller...

And, it was delivered via Fed Ex today!

It was such an exciting package to open- even our neighbors had to come over, watch and throw a few snide comments in here and there) :)
what do you think?? Are we gonna be a hit walking around town in this thing??

I'm definitely thinking we're all gonna be pretty cool looking...we took a little walk in it today and I am really liking it- it's actually skinnier than my jogging stroller was and pushes fairly easily- for a quadruple stroller! :)

too much time on my hands??

When I showed Korey these pictures he thought I had too much time on my hands...what do you think??

I was fairly proud of myself for how well the Pooh pancake turned out...the J for Jackson, not so much, but he doesn't seem to mind! :)
here's the little girl who asked for Pooh pancakes this morning- good thing we had some honey from our friends honey farm on hand so we could make honey butter! I just don't think Pooh pancakes would be the same without honey butter! :)

to give Korey some credit- he did say it was pretty creative :) (I think he's just jealous- here we are at home having fun and playing all day and he has to go to work)

Sunday, September 11

blessed by diapers

 Today Korey and I were blessed beyond our wildest dreams by our family and friends! Our Mom's and Dad's decided to have a little "diaper and wipes" shower for us, to help us out in our first year with the girls and I think all of us were very surprised at the outpouring of "love" that we recieved in diapers today!
 It was a sweet little pink themed shower, with so much yummy food that I could barely hold myself back...probably one of the best things about being pregnant with twins- no one says anything when you're going back for your 3rd plate of food! :)
 here's me and my "girls" with our new diapers and wipes- thank you, all!!
Korey was so excited about organizing them all, that he just had to put them all in on our shelves in the basement...didn't he do a nice job of organizing them all?? :)

so, here's the tally: (Kelly and Darlene- this one's for you guys...) :)
size N: 400
size 1: 724
size 1,2: 1098
size 2: 250
size 3: 704
 that comes to a grand total of 3176 diapers...and, if my calculations are correct that should get us through 1/2 of the first year- I'm thinking that's pretty awesome ;) (and, I have to admit, I'm having a hard time believing that we're gonna use more diapers than this...yikes!! the city of mosinee may start charging extra on all our taxes just to take care of all that extra garbage!) :)
Thanks, again, Mom and Dad G and K! We love you all and so appreciate all the work that you put into making this day special for us and for our kiddos.

Monday, September 5

a nightgown from great grandma!

last year for Christmas my Grandma made Hailey an adorable nightgown (and a matching one for her baby doll). Unfortunately, at that time Hailey was in the "take my diaper off and pee or poop in the bed and play with it" mode, so we couldn't let her wear it!
 But, now that she's potty trained and wears undies to bed and it's getting cold out at night- it was the perfect time to let her wear the cute little nightgown!
 she pretty much looks cute in anything, but she looks especially cute in this, don't you think??
 she definitely enjoyed posing for the camera so that she could show Great Grandma Yetter how much she loved her nightgown! (or nighties as she called it...) :)
 Daddy got some pics of us while I was reading her bedtime story! (her favorite one is the creation story, because it has a picture of an octopus) ;)
Thanks, Grandma, for using your creative and amazing sewing skills to make a beautiful nightgown for my sweet little girl! I know that she and her sisters are all gonna get good use out of it! I love you and can only hope that someday I can create such adorable creations for my daughters, grandaughter and great- grandaughters! 

Sunday, September 4


Korey and I were able to get away for a little "babymoon" this weekend!
 (thanks to Mom and Dad Konietzki for watching the kids for us) :)
 It was wonderful....and so much fun!
We went up to Bayfield, WI- one of the most fun places we'd ever been!
We were able to find a great deal on this little cottage...we wanted to stay in a bed and breakfast, but since one of our "necessary" things to do was sleep in, we thought having to be somewhere for breakfast didn't sound like that much fun- so, we opted for a place where we could just do more of our own thing! It was a great experience- one that we hope to be able to repeat sometime in the not so distant future... (insert laugh here, 'cause we all know how possible that will be with 4 little kiddos) :)
 Korey just loved looking at all the boats, but was very disappointed by the fact that the only fish we could see were minnows!!
 ahhhh...all the fun (and relaxation) reminded us of why we love each other and how much fun we really do have just hanging out together!
 the views were just gorgeous- I seriously could not get enough of looking out at Lake Superior and watching the sailboats sail along!
 the view from our little cottage front porch- I spent a lot of time just sitting out here and especially enjoyed getting up earlier than Korey (at 8am) and having my morning coffee and reading my Bible while looking out at this beautiful landscape
 we managed to get a chance to go back to our favorite little restaurant- the Pickled Herring- but this time we tried the famous pickled herring...
here's what I really thought of it...
 Korey liked it a little better than me, but we both pretty much agreed that it was probably the biggest waste of $ from the whole weekend...lesson learned- don't eat the pickled herring at the Pickled Herring in Bayfield, WI 
 we both really enjoyed our time and it was a great little getaway.
For me- the best part of this whole weekend getaway was the fact that it really brought some peace and some relaxation to my life! I'd been feeling so stressed and so "lonely" in this pregnancy and it was so great to just get away and have some time to share my thoughts and feelings with my best friend!
For Korey- the best part of the whole weekend was the fact that we got to sleep in every day and we got to take naps and not get woken up by anybody crying from their crib or coming into our room begging to watch cartoons in the morning! :)