Tuesday, June 5

food, food, yummy food

or maybe not...Maysen and Maelle started real food- green beans- and I don't think they're huge fans :)

 good thing they were happy as soon as the food was pushed out of their mouths they were happy, again! Actually, it only took two times of feeding it to them and getting these little faces until they were happy with it and screaming for more!!  
 I guess the food must have been working, because when I took the girls in for their shots last Friday, we got them weighed and Maelle weighed in at a whopping 13lbs 8oz and Maysen was even bigger at 14lbs 3oz!! Can you believe it?! I guess that explains why my arms and neck have been hurting so much lately...carrying almost 30lbs around all day is a lot!! :)

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