Saturday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

I know that Halloween is one of those holidays that a ton of people have differing opinions about, but Korey and I feel that, espcially with Hailey being so young, it's not something we want to make a big deal of. Ever since we've had our house I've loved giving out candy and seeing all the cute little kids that come to the door! And, this year I finally had a little kid to dress up of my own! :) Hailey dressed up as a little pumpkin for Halloween this year! I think that she's probably the cutest little pumpkin that I have ever seen!! ;) She even got to go trick or treating to her Nani's house and to her great grandma's house...she got an apple juice box and some oyster crackers! (lucky kid!!) Fortunately, we came home in time for the trick or treaters and she got to help me hand out candy to all the other little kiddos! Usually, our street is swamped with kids- last year we had over 100 of them, but this year we only got about 20! Pretty crazy...I wonder where everyone was...
Here's Hailey with her Uncle Ben, before we left LaCrosse!
Hailey holding the bowl of candy!
hmmm...maybe I'll eat a few of these...she did end up putting a ton of it in her mouth- tasting the wrappers! ;) Sorta felt bad for the kids who got soggy candy wrappers, but at least Hailey was happy. LOL ;)

Thursday, October 29

oh wait...we do actually love Allie!

Here's Allie with the toy that she stole from Hailey!! She actually reached into the bathtub and grabbed this out- what a little scavenger! But, I think Korey paid her back by making her just sit here with it on her head before she could finish demolishing it and leaving small chunks of it all over the house! ;)

Hailey, Owen and I took Allie down to spend the weekend at my Mom and Dad's and it was actually really sad to come home to an empty house. Which is kind of funny because for the past few weeks I have been thinking about how much work Allie is and how I really wouldn't mind if she found a different home- I know, it almost seems awful- but I can't help it!!! She has been shedding like crazy and her hair is just like the straw that breaks the camels back for me! I usually vacuum the floor everyday, just to keep on top of the dog hair, but I feel like lately I have to vacuum twice- which I never have time for, so I just end up getting frustrated that there's hair everywhere! But, enough about what annoys me about her...back to what I miss about her!! I got home today and there was no one here to greet me, I had to carry the babies in all by myself- without a furry little friend winding around my feet. When both the kids went down for a nap, I usually take Allie out and play ball with her for a few minutes, but today I had nothing to do! I almost felt lost without her here! (instead of playing ball with her, though, I read a magazine, so apparently I wasn't too lost!) :) When Laura came to pick up Owen there was no dog to growl or bark at her car in the driveway, so I was in the backroom packing our bags for the weekend and didn't even hear her come in! The number one thing that I miss the most about Allie today is- I have to clean up all the stuff that Hailey and I drop on the floor! Usually I can count on Allie to clean up both of our messes- as long as they involve food, but today I had to take care of it myself! And, what a droppy day it was, too! (I won't tell her all that she missed, though, 'cause she might actually be sad!) ;) Hailey had some new yummy food that I found at WalMart- freeze dried bananas and strawberries- and while she didn't let any of those fall on the floor the peas and carrots that I gave her afterwards were, apparently, not as tasty 'cause she pretty much just played with them and pushed most of them onto the floor! And, I generally just could have left them for Allie (or she might have even caught them mid flight, since she has learned that whenever Hailey is in her highchair, there is generally food to be had!), but this time I had to spend time picking them up all by myself!! And, then I was taking the coffee grounds out of the coffee maker and dumping them in the garbage can and I accidentally dropped it right before the garbage! Yup, it made a huge mess-one that Allie would have gladly licked up, had she been here! But, as it was, I had to clean up the mess all by myself! ;( So, I guess, all in all, I really do love Allie and have really come to rely on her for a lot of things around here. I guess my frustration with her must just be fueled by my tiredness and probably really doesn't have much to do with her! :)

Wednesday, October 28

wacky wednesday

I really feel like I have been living the life of the little boy in the book Wacky Wednesday, lately, and today is finally my oasis in the midst of all the wackiness of the past week! I realize that I haven't been on here for quite some time, but I feel like life has been crazy and it has almost been a struggle just to get dinner on the table by the time Korey comes home---well, that is IF he comes home!! (which just adds to the craziness of it all!!!) And, while we aren't dealing with shoes in odd places and rooms out of kilter, we have been dealing with a husband who has worked over 80 hours in the past week, taking care of two babies and taking two babies to baby buddies- probably not the smartest idea(and can give a person a super sore back!!), making cards for a friend to sell/auction off at her benefit, back to back weekends full of guests-which is fun, but a lot of work, me being sick, and my own silly ideas of how life should be! I have definitely learned this week that it is a lot different to study and learn about surrendering to the Lord than actually doing it! In a few silly, or seemingly small areas, and a few bigger areas! One of those areas is Hailey...before I had Hailey it didn't take more than just a misplaced comment by someone to make me feel badly about not having a baby of my own and to almost burst into tears and I thought that would all change once I became pregnant with a baby and/or had one! Unfortunately, my selfish desires haven't changed and people's ability to make me feel bad about myself hasn't changed one bit. Luckily for me I don't generally burst into tears about it, but I still have a struggle with not letting people's comments ruin my day! A good friend of mine just really "encouraged/exorted" me to stop comparing Hailey to all the other babies and to just let people's comments roll off my back and I know that she is completely right! God is not honored by me getting all bent out of shape over the fact that Hailey isn't crawling yet or doesn't have more teeth or isn't standing on her own or isn't spelling her name- ok, maybe that's a slight exageration, but the rest is too close to the truth for comfort! I'm not being fair to Hailey and I'm not being fair to the other babies. It's not allowing me to "enjoy" spending time with other kids if I'm always worrying about how mine is measuring up and how she's either falling short or way ahead- either one isn't healthy or god honoring!! So, if you see me comparing keep me accountable! I do struggle with the fact that Hailey isn't crawling yet and a lot of other babies are, but allow me a minute to just brag a little about what Hailey is doing and all the progress that she is making in her "quest of the holy toddlerhood"! She is doing A LOT of eating these days. In fact, she won't stop eating. All she wants to do is eat. And she's not picky about what- as long as it comes off of my plate and not hers! She isn't at all interested in cheerios, unless I'm having a bowl of them- then she'd like them with milk, but she would prefer my homemade granola! She has graduated from just eating smooth blended up stuff to eating shredded chicken, rice, peanut butter on banana bread, golfish crackers (her favorite snack, as of right now), string cheese, canned peas and carrots, dried fruit, banana, kidney beans or navy beans or refried beans, noodles, and so much more...obviously, I cut all of this up in small pieces for her, but she just chomps it down with her lone little tooth and somehow makes it disapear. She's also experimenting with sounds, she's always been a super "oral" baby and has liked to watch people's lips move and one of the ways that my dad used to get her to stop crying was to tap on her mouth with two fingers so that it made a neat sound...she loved that and would immediately stop and play that game with him! But, lately she has been really making real sounds- not just baby sounds. She has been indiscriminately saying, "daddy" "bye" and "baby" and looking at the dog and going "pu, pu, pu, pu"!!! (ok, so really she only said bye once and baby a few times, but she says daddy a lot!!) :) I guess they really can't count for first words, since she didn't even mean to say them- she was just practicing saying bu,bu,bu and baby came out and who knows where bye came from she just said it while she was sitting in her highchair yesterday! (sheila even heard it, so I'm not lying!!) and of course, daddy sounds so much like dadadada that I'm sure she doesn't really mean it and she definitely doesn't know what it means, but it's still sweet to hear! :) Even with these few changes, Hailey's still her sweet natured, adorable little self! One of my friends called her a little lady the other day and that is what she is- she's so little and petite and with her earings she just looks so adorable- but she's also pretty calm. (she definitely gets that from her daddy- not me) ;) She can sit on a chair or the couch and not even try to get off, she'll sit and pick up her food with her two fingers, even if it takes her a while to get it, and she loves to just sit and play on the floor with her toys or have you read a story to her! The other day I was making some cards and Hailey was playing by my feet with her toys and she found the paper garbage bag and for the next hour she was so content to take all of the paper out of the bag and chew on it and then make noises with the bag, itself- she alternated between picking it up and hitting it on the floor and just smacking it with her hand! It was so sweet to see and if my camera had not been broken ('cause I dropped it on the floor for the 3rd time!!) I would have taken a picture!
Here she is helping me with the laundry Monday while Owen slept! Isn't she a good helper?? She made the folding go by so much more quickly! (check out the funny/wacky faces she has going on!!)
hehehe "I love folding socks!!"
she's like "ewww...are those dad's underwear???" ;)
"hmmm...what else do you have in the basket, Mom?"

Friday, October 23

she's at it again...

the great bathtub pooper has struck again!! I guess I really shouldn't be too surprised, it pretty much sums up our day...kinda poopy! hahaha...ok, corny, I know, but I'm not feeling too well, so I can't think straight! (or at least that's the excuse that I'm going to use!) ;) So, our day began kinda early- with Korey dropping something outside of Hailey's door and waking her up! (at 6:15) And, it didn't get any better than that! We went to meet Talitha and Peyton at the coffee shop and all the sudden I just got sick...maybe I hadn't eaten enough that morning- maybe the tea wasn't so good- maybe I got up off the couch too fast- maybe it was just bending down to put Hailey in her carseat- whatever it was, I was definitely sick to my stomach and threw up! (not necessarily the best thing to do in a super crowded coffee shop- unless you enjoy being completely and utterly embarrassed that is!) I guess there was nothing too awful after that. I mean, really, how do you top that?? I don't really think that there is anything that could have happened that was worse than that! I honestly think that I would prefer to go through labor, again, rather than have that ever happen to me again! (and it was only 9 months ago that i went through labor, so I really do remember what it was like!!) Hailey and I both pretty much just spent the rest of the day in tears...luckily for me it was one at a time- not usually both of us at the same time! :) But, it wasn't too awful, until Hailey took a bath! I don't know why, but she loves the bath, so whenever she's cranky I just put her in the bath tub and let her play and for some reason she just relaxes and apparently it makes her poop!!
Here she is enjoying her time playing in the water!
Isn't this great...she found her leg and is totally engrossed in it!!
and now she found her toes...I guess they look pretty exciting under the bubbles!! :)
I seriously can't get enough of this cute little face!
no clue what she's looking at, but she's still adorable, don't you think??

she's really laughing! She does this thing where she sort of pinches her eyes shut when she laughs really hard! I love it! ;)

Actually, I love everything about this little girl. She makes me the happiest mom in the whole world. I can't imagine what my life would be like without her and I'm just so thankful that the Lord blessed me with her 9 months ago! Today I was checking out this lady's blog and she was talking about how we should journal for our kids and I realized that this blog really is my journal of Hailey's life!! (and my journal to her...hopefully she'll enjoy it someday!) :)

Thursday, October 22

thankful thursday

Today I am so thankful for my food saver! I don't know if a lot of you have these, or if you've even heard of them, but this thing is the coolest thing on the market. It vacuum packages things so that they last longer! I'm super in love with it. It's pretty simple to use and not only does it make your freezer look a lot more organized- even when it's not- but it keeps all your food fresh longer. Korey has been begging for one of these for a while, but since they are kind of expensive I kept saying NO. But, last week we found one on sale from 150 down to 70!! (yikes!! that's better than 50%) ;) So, I finally relented and bought one. And boy am I glad that we did. I made bread last weekend and used the food saver to save it and have been getting out a piece each day and usually homemade bread gets dry and crumbly pretty fast- this time it hasn't!! I also repackaged all the meat that I've bought at Sam's Club in the past month and I'm pretty sure that it's going to last a lot longer- I'll have to let you know in a month or two how it does! I did some of Hailey's food, yesterday, too, and am pretty excited to see how it turns out. I think that it'll be a lot easier to take places in a little tiny pouch than in 4 ice cubes! (besides...she eats a lot of ice cubes at a sitting and korey was getting kind of sick of getting a glass of water in the middle of the night and noticing the next morning that he had put pea or pear ice cubes in the water instead of real ice! ok, ok, so that's mostly because I kind of fill up the trays and then let them sit there for a few days before I remember about them...but, I have a lot on my mind!) :)

9 months

It's soooo incredibly hard to believe that my precious baby girl is turning 9 months old today! I just honestly can't believe it has been that long since she was born! And I really can NOT believe that she is only 3 months away from being 1 year old. It makes me so sad to think of her growing up and getting bigger. I don't even want to think about it! :( She is so much fun at this age, but the more that I have Owen, the more I realize that I just love the baby stage. I think that I am going to be like my mother and be a magnet for all new babies!! (and maybe I'll take after her and just keep having them so that I never have to be without a baby in the house! :) hahaha! Just Kidding!) I think Korey's kind of feeling the same way, too. He was hugging Hailey in bed today and said, "don't you think it would be fun to have two little Hailey's around". (apparently there is not a chance of us having a little boy someday...) Although, he might have changed his mind when he went to change her diaper-the poop was still coming out as he removed the diaper and he was completely grossed out. (this was the 2nd day in a row that we've had a massive amount of poop all over Hailey and her clothes!) And, I won't tell you that he screamed like a little girl and ran from the room and would have left it for me to clean up had I not been holding Owen at the time and just laughed at him! (but I didn't tell you that!) ;)
Here's my sweet baby and her cool Dad laying in bed! they're supposed to be naping, but it doesn't look like there's going to be a lot of napping taking place anytime soon, does it??
oh boy...look at that big girl sized yawn!

well, maybe now they look a little more worn out, but it was still a few more minutes before either of them settled down enough to go to sleep and I had to remove Hailey and put her in her bed- apparently she was keeping Dad awake!! ;)

Tuesday, October 20

the best $35 I ever spent

Today my Mom came up to watch Hailey while I went to watch my friend's little girl, Lauren, while Kristy and her other daughter, Abby, went on a little date to Barnes and Noble storytime. My dear friend, Kristy's daughter, Lauren, is a special little two year old girl who has cerebal palsey. And, Hailey borrowed her her jumperoo (pictured here) for a little while. I had always thought that this jumperoo was one of the best buys of my life, but after today I was convinced that it was absolutely, without a doudt the best buy of my life! When I first met Lauren I believe that she was only a few months old and I fell in love with her the minute I saw her laying in her mommy's arms during bible study. Off and on, whenever time permitted I begged for a little time with her- holding her or bouncing her on an exercise ball. Before I got pregnant with Hailey I spent more time babysitting Lauren, but since Hailey's been born I haven't had as much free time on my hands to help Kristy out as I would wish, but my Mom had said that she would come up the third Tuesday of each month to watch Hailey so I could go. And, this is only my second one, but I so far I have enjoyed the little reprieve to hang out with her. The best part about Lauren is that she actually likes it when I sing to her! :) (she doesn't know how horrible my voice is...hopefully she'll never figure that one out...) :) I wish I had a picture of Lauren so that I could show you all how special and beautiful she is, but I can't figure out how to get the pictures from my phone onto the computer. I'll try and just describe her for you...she has the most beautiful eyes that I've ever seen, they're blue with long pretty eyelashes. (they actually look a lot like Hailey's, so how would I not think that they're beautiful) :) She is pretty small, I don't think she even weighs that much more than Hailey- maybe a little but not much. She's longer, though and definitely looks more grown up- as she should, I guess, since she's a little over a year older! And, she has the cutest light brown hair. It hangs long and is always in her face, but it's so beautiful that if I were her Mom I'd have a hard time cutting it, too! It just frames her face so perfectly and her mom always has an adorable little flower barret in it. It makes me really wish that Hailey had longer hair. I guess I'll just have to wait a little while! :) But, to get back to the reason that I started writing this post...I found this great buy at a garage sale and Kristy thought that maybe Lauren would like it and want to play in it. I guess that Lauren is supposed to be learning how to sit and stand these days and she hated her little ting that just made her stand without even giving her any toys to play with. But, today, when I saw her in the jumperoo and she looked so happy and was actually standing up and smiling it just melted my heart. I loved seeing it! I'm going to find out how to get the pictures that I took on my phone uploaded onto here so that you all can see it, too, because it's just a special little picture of a sweet girl enjoying Hailey's jumperoo!
Well, Korey's working fact, he's on call all week, so he probably won't be home much this week...kinda sad, but on a lighter note- I got to watch The Biggest Looser instead of some investigator show! ;) (when the man's away his wife will play with the remote...or something like that!)

Monday, October 19

is that really a ponytail???

Yup, it's true...the thing that I've been waiting for since I heard that I was pregnant with a girl finally came to pass- Hailey has enough hair for a ponytail! It looks more like a ponytail holder with a little tiny piece of hair sticking out of it, but I'm so excited!! :) Soon it'll be even bigger...can't wait for that! Don't you just love her little faces...she was a little cranky this afternoon, so I put her on the kitchen floor and let her snack on a little bit of softshell tortilla, so if she looks like she has a wet chin, she probably does. She kind of drools while she' eating. ;)

Saturday, October 17

Hailey got her ears pierced!

Today Kelly and I went to get Hailey's ears pierced. We were so excited to do it and we really wanted to do it before Hailey turned 9 months- so we could get her pics taken with them in and since the boys were going out duck hunting again, we figured it was the perfect time! At first I was so excited, but then when we got there I was super nervous. I think that I felt bad for Hailey, 'cause she had no idea what she was in store for! She was so excited, 'cause she thought we were just going to the mall to hang out. Poor thing- she was so clueless!!
Here she is with Daddy before we left!

Here we are at Claires, waiting to get her ears done!
sitting on the chair
getting a bottle so that she sits nice and still
afterwards....she screamed so hard that it just broke my heart. I almost cried, but I toughed it out. Good thing Kelly was there, though. She was a rock for us. ;) We ended up doing both the ears at once, so that was nice- it went really quick, but the one lady had a hard time getting hers done and Hailey really didn't like it. It would have been better, I think, to just do them really quick, before she had a chance to realize what was happening. But, however they did it- it worked out fine and she survived. She definitely wasn't happy about it and luckily, for you, we don't have any photos of that! ;) I'm just glad that she can't remember any of this!!
Here she is with her beautiful Aunt Kelly at the bookstore! Aren't her ears adorable?!
with Daddy at home. He thought she was just a doll! Actually, he thinks she's a doll anyways, but he loves her new earings! :) (I think his idea of turning her into a little tomboy is going to go by the wayside- he just loves it when she's dressed cute!) Maybe it's a daddy thing- they just like their babies to look like little princesses.
Here she is after we got home, isn't she a doll??
a good pic of the ears. I got her little pink stones, I thought that was kind of fitting for such a pretty little girl. Her birth stone is red, but that doesn't really go with anything and the diamond ones are just too boring, so I thought that pink would be a good fit. I just think that she is a adorable with them done. Although, right now, she is in her bed screaming and I'm really hoping that it isn't because of her ears. She does have a cold and a tooth coming in, so I'm going for it being one of them! (or a combination of the three things...)

She's gotten into this thing of sucking on her little finger, lately. I'm kinda not wanting her to continue, 'cause Kelly said that she did that and it pushed her front teeth out, but it is pretty cute, don't you think???

Thursday, October 15


Korey and I had a wonderful night out without Hailey, tonight. We got a babysitter- Miranda- and took a few hours to hang out with our friends, Justin and Christy. We went to a newer restaurant in town, The Great Dane. I think that it opened in May, so I guess I wouldn't necessarily say that it's new, but we'd never been there before, so it was new to us! :) After that we decided to go and hang out at the mall for a little while. It was probably one of the first times that I've been to the mall for a really long time! Korey and I haven't been out on a date for a long time and it was just that much more fun to share it with some of our closest friends. It's just so fun to hang out with Justin and Christy!! We had such a fun time and I'm so happy that we got to go, but as soon as we got home I realized how much I really missed my baby girl!

Wednesday, October 14

this baby likes to eat...

Look at this big mouth?? Do you think a mouth can get any bigger?? This is definitely the mouth of a baby who loves to eat! ;)
On Monday Korey and I had this conversation about me stopping nursing and I was kind of upset and didn't want to think about it. Korey's so worried about me becoming one of those mom's who nurse their 5 year olds or something like that that he just really wants me to be done at a year. But, I feel kind of differently...I always said that I would be ready to be done at a year, but lately I just don't feel like I'm gonna be ready to quit in just a few months. I'm not even sure why, but I think I jut don't want my little baby to grow up and that's my way of holding onto it. Or, maybe it's just that I'm really cheap and don't want to buy formula. Or, maybe it has more to do with the fact that I want her to be healthy as long as possible. Or, maybe I have been reading too many blogs by women who are really super into being completely organic and it's starting to rub off on me. (that's what Korey thinks the problem is) :) I guess regardless of the reason, I hope that I can resolve it soon, or at least sometime within the next 3 months so that when Hailey turns a year it won't be such a sad time for me! Yesterday, though, I was feeling like it was coming sooner rather than later. Hailey is really having a hard time cutting her second tooth and she was biting me every time she nursed, plus, she just really didn't want to eat very often. She was more interested in real food than nursing. But, then today she was back to her normal self and back to making it harder on me to think about quitting...bummer, thought she was gonna make it easy on me!!!

Tuesday, October 13

babies here, babies there, babies, babies everywhere

Today was Owen's first full day at our house and it went way better than I thought it would! I was a little nervous because Hailey has been pretty cranky the last few days, but for the most part she was even better than I could have hoped for! In the beginning of the day they were pretty much on the same schedule, so they took a nice long nap together, which was nice. It gave me a little bit of time to get some stuff done around the house. The end of the day I wasn't so lucky, but we just sat on the floor and read stories and took these fun pictures!
These two are so cute when they're "playing" together. I'm pretty sure that Hailey thinks Owen is her own personal toy- she gets so excited when he's around and I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual. He coos and smiles at her whenever I put him by her.

Isn't he cute in the bumbo seat??
look at how she's looking at him?! She just loves to be by him!
Finally Hailey looks like a big girl. She felt so big all day!!
Hailey was so glad to have all the toys out, again. she never liked her swing when she was little, but she loves it now. She cried when I took her out and when Owen was in it she wouldn't take her eyes off of it!

1st snow

Hailey and I went outside to play in the snow yesterday! I think that we are the only people in WI that are excited for snow...but, I can't help it. I've always loved the winter and the cool weather. It's just fun to have a good excuse to stay inside and do fun, cuddly things; I love drinking hot tea and making hot chocolate with marshmallows in it! I do think that I will miss not going for walks with Hailey (and Owen) and I'll definitely miss not spending so much time outside playing in the yard or putting Hailey in the swing, but, for now, it's pretty exciting and fun! Plus, Hailey just loved teh snow. She was super cranky and not feeling well, yesterday, but she loved being outside and looking at the snow. She kept trying to touch it, but her hands were all bundled up inside her mittens, so she couldn't. It was pretty comical! :)
Look at at that little face- does she get any cuter?? And...isn't that hat just adorable?? I just found it at Target- it's a little puppy and it has floppy ears. And, her little snowsuit is a ladybug that even has wings on the back. I think we're gonna put her in it for Halloween. :)
Oh, I love the puppy!!

Hailey and Allie. I had to put Hailey on a jacket, 'cause she only has a fleece snowsuit and it's not water proof enough to handle sitting in the snow- even a little bit!

Monday, October 12

Just another manic monday...

Today I sort of felt like I was living in this song...Hailey has been pretty much a bear today and we just had so much to do. I was really wishing that it was only Sunday and that the week hadn't really started! Korey did have the day off, which was nice, but it's still the first day of the week and usually the day that I go grocery shopping and get a lot of work done around the house! Unfortunately with a teething baby who has a cold, I didn't get much accomplished. Oh does that poem go...dust and cobwebs can wait til tomorrow, I have a baby who will grow up great to my sorrow! (or something like that) I am glad that I read in my book, Surrender, by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, because I really needed to be reminded, today, that my time is not mine. It is God's and He can orchestrate how He wants me to use it- whether that is rocking a cranky baby and reading the same two books over and over again, or cleaning my house, or even making dinner or talking to a friend. Here I am, Lord, take my life and use it. Take my time, my energy, and my gifts, use them all as you please! Just let me honor You with them.
Now, I am going to go and rock my baby who is done playing with her food! :)

the poor thing...her tooth is really hurting her, she's biting pretty much anything she can get her little mouth on! :(

Sunday, October 11

Fun Times in the Car?!

Since Korey had Friday off of work, we traveled up to Minneapolis to help my sister and her husband do some work on their house. Korey did a lot of working on Friday and on Saturday, while I just hung out with my Mom and my sister at a coffee shop and at Felicia's in laws. (we stayed there overnight, because Felicia and TJ were redoing their bathroom and their gas line, so it was cold and noisy in the house- not to mention there was no place to go to the bathroom) We did go shopping a little bit and I found Hailey a super cute little Packer cheerleading outfit for only $6 at a 2nd hand store. Go figure no one in Viking country wants a Packer outfit! :) Korey also managed to get a lot of work done. He and my Dad piped in natural gas for them and got it all ready for a gas stove and a gas dryer, plus he did almost all the wiring for their bathroom. I think that's quite a bit for being there less than 2 days. I'm so thankful for a husband that can do almost anything and can do it fast and well! I think I'm a very lucky little girl!!
Hailey was such a trooper the whole time, too. When you spend time with people who don't have kids, they really don't understand the need for naps and bedtimes, so she doesn't usually get a lot of sleep when we travel to the cities. I was pretty proud of how well she handled it this time, especially since she is cutting another tooth. She pretty much slept all the way home, too, until we were about a half hour away from home- which I thought was pretty good timing- but I was hoping that she would make it home so that I could nurse her and put her to bed right away.
Here she is having her bottle in the car- can you see her red eyes from all the crying??
such big smiles after the bottle!

I just love this pic! I have no idea what she is doing...I think I'm gonna keep this one, though, for her baby book! :)

Thursday, October 8

cheese frying?!

Yup, it's official, I'm pretty sure there's nothing that you can't fry!! :) Korey and I found this cheese this weekend, on our trip to the cheese factory with my family. It was kind of on a whim, but we decided to try it and I'm so glad that we did. It was definitely worth the $. I was a huge fan and couldn't get enough of it. I think that I could have forgone the chili and just had fried cheese for dinner! :) korey's big tast test....

i think it passed the test!

ummmm...yummy cheese!