Tuesday, February 23

busy, busy, busy...

Yup, that's what Hailey's been up to these days...lots of "busy"ness!!! I feel like I spend all of her awake time chasing after her and picking up after her. I know that it's been crazy for a while, but I feel like lately it's just been a lot worse- maybe it's just that I'm super tired and it feels worse, but for whatever reason I've been exhausted by the time she goes to bed at night! :) (and most days, even before that!!)
Her newest trick...opening two drawers and putting all of the baby dishes from the bottom drawer into the towels and potholders drawer. I'll probably be finding spoons and covers in that drawer for years!! (I guess I shouldn't give up my secret as to how often I actually empty and clean those drawers...) ;)
she also enjoys letting Allie lick all of the dishes...apparently they're not dirty enough if Hailey just sucks on them! :) Poor Korey unwittingly put his cottage cheese in a container from this drawer this morning for his lunch and got unpleasantly surprised by a cottage cheese full of doggy hair! :( ewwww!!!
When I finally am just exhausted I put her in her highchair for a snack of graham crackers...aren't her feet up on the side of the chair cute?! :) She's so relaxed!! (and flexible...I wish I could sit with my foot even remotely close to my chest!)
when it's dinner time she's been getting almost completely naked, 'cause she's been so messy...and STILL she needs a bath pretty much every evening! Her new trick...putting food in her hair and ears! Korey came home this afternoon and was completely grossed out because he could tell that she'd had stuffed shells and spaghetti sauce for lunch! :) this is actually the outfit that she started the day out in...unfortunately she had a huge poop at the Duran's and had to change outfits...always busy doing something! ;)
Hailey learned a new trick, lately- she's been standing alone! Yay! I think walking is just around the corner, but I probably shouldn't rush it...yikes! I think I'm running a lot and exhausted now!! :)

Wednesday, February 17

wacky wednesday!!

Today Hailey and I got to play with some friends and it was such a blast! :) We had tea parties, we had picnics, we played the piano, we read books, we made lunch...oh boy, we did a lot!!! And, had a lot of fun!!
I have no clue what the deal is with this face, but I thought it was kind of cute... ;)

isn't that kind of a fun profile??? (and it's kind of neat to think that the front of my stove is really that clean...for now...)
oh, she found the baby! :)
and there goes the clean front of the stove! :)
Here are the three little kiddos, Hailey wasn't too good at staying and "posing" for the camera! (she was actually reaching for Taylor's puppy dog...oops!!)

this is what happened when Hailey tried to reach for Taylor's puppy dog...apparently not something that she wants to share! :)

isn't this little guy adorable?? I just had a blast watching him and Hailey interact and play with her toys!

Hailey and Taylor having a little tea party on the kitchen floor! :) I LOVE it!!
Hailey had to have an ice cream cone early, 'cause she was eating Taylor's beautifully laid "table" before the rest of their friends arrived! :)

Monday, February 15

chores for babies???

In the Konietzki household everyone works, including Hailey! ;) (if she could talk she'd probably tell you that she works the hardest, but I'm not so sure that's the truth...) I know that having chores for babies is kind of controversial, so I thought I'd show you what her chores are...
she has to play with Daddy's tools that he leaves laying around the house!
then...she has to make sure the puppy stays in the mudroom so mommy can vacuum

then, she has to do her exercises...or practice showing how big she is! ;)

after that she helps mommy wash the bottles by getting out the bottle brush!

and her favorite way to help out is by putting the baby dishes away in their drawer, sometimes, though, she gets distracted by chewing on them...

then she has to pick up mommy's shoes that she dragged out from the living room closet...(and take some time out to get her face licked by the puppy)

after that she helps mommy get dinner started by getting out the crockpot! (I think she's gonna be a crockpot girl, 'cause everyday she seems to think that we need to use it, even if I don't get it the first time, she keeps persevering and getting it out!) :)

then, when all is said and done she helps mommy empty the dishwasher of all the clean dishes!

then, it's time for dinner...and, her chores get a little easier...she has to make sure that she thoroughly messes up her face, even putting the food in her hair and, apparently, there are bonus points for getting it in your and around your ears...'cause she often tries for that! :)

here's the great mess maker in action! :) I'd say that's almost a 9.5 as far as messes go!!

So, do you think Hailey's kind of overworked?? Even I did feel a little bad for her as I was writing this...or maybe I was feeling bad for myself...well, one or the other! :)

Tuesday, February 9

bread baking, naked baby playing, and good sleeping day!

Since it's snowing, Korey doesn't think we should drive on the roads, and I'm not feeling too well Hailey and I stayed home for the...get this...2nd day in a row!! I know, can you believe it??? And...wait for it...we have no plans to go anywhere tomorrow!! YIKES!! :)
We have been having a lot of fun playing, though!

I let Hailey play without her clothes on last night and she was happy as a little clam!

she cruised all over with her new found freedom- until she got cold, that is! ;)

I shouldn't speak so quickly, but it seems as if our sleeping struggles have been fixed, for a while at least. She slept really good yesterday and so far has been doing super good today, too! That's an answer to prayer! Don't you just love her little legs up on the side of the crib?? Apparently she fell asleep while kicking the crib- see Mommy does know when the baby is tired! :)

and...I got some bread baking done! I even tried a new recipe...and, another first- I followed the recipe the whole time!! (believe it, Mom, 'cause it really happened!) :)

here are my little loaves baking in the oven- Hailey really enjoyed watching them...I think she's gonna be a baker when she grows up! :)

Friday, February 5

Thursday...my favorite day of the week!

And, it's not because the weekend is almost here! (although, that is a definite bonus!!) :) It's my favorite because I get to go and spend some time with my favorite little two year old, Lauren! (not to mention that I have a good excuse to hang out with her mommy for a little while each week!) I think I've told you about her before, so this time I thought I'd share some pictures!
Doesn't she just have the most beautiful blue eyes??? And, I don't know if you can tell, but her eye lashes are soooo long- she's definitely a knock out! :) (she must take after her Mom!)

Look at that big grin?? Who wouldn't love a face like this??? :) Lauren is just such a sweetie and she is a delight to hold and cuddle every Thursday, plus Hailey's getting some good practice for what it will be like when the new baby is born and she's no longer the center of attention- I think it's good for her...she's not so sure! ;)

and this penguin is the bane of Hailey's existence at Lauren's house! It makes noise and if you hit it it rolls around and apparently that is very scary to my 1 year old! It might be that the penguin is almost as big as her, or that Lauren's big sister Abby likes to torment Hailey with it, but for whatever reason she is absolutely petrified of this thing! She was laying by it having her sippy of milk yesterday and she wouldn't even sit up when she was done, she just layed there, not moving or anything. I actually think I need to get one for our house, because I put it in front of Kristy's shelves and Hailey won't even touch the stuff on them (actually, she won't even go close to them...she stayed on the other side of the living room!) ;)

Wednesday, February 3

For, I have learned to be content in whatever circumstance I am in...

These wise words were penned by the apostle Paul in his letter to the Philippians, and it is part of the memory verse I am memorizing for my bible study that meets on Wednesday afternoons. And, it has been a touchstone for me, lately. This pregnancy has been wiping me out- even more so than I remember Hailey's. Maybe it's because I didn't have anyone to chase after when I was pregnant with Hailey, or maybe I've just forgotten what those first few months were like! ;) But, I have been trying my hardest and praying like crazy for the grace to be content in whatever circumstance I find myself- whether that be up in the middle of the night for the 2nd time to go to the bathroom or not being able to take a nap because Hailey didn't!
For a happier thought...Hailey is just as cute as always and I got the camera out to document some of her newest cuteness! :)
She was so serious this morning, but I'm in love with the little ponytail! :)
doesn't she look like she's giving me the look??? I think she's practicing for teenagerhood already...or maybe she's practicing how to scare her little sibling into submission! :)

mommy's little helper! Yesterday we baked lemon poppyseed bread and Hailey really enjoyed watching it! Unfortunately, me being the blonde I am, forgot about it in the oven until we smelled a burnt smell, so we didn't get to taste it! :(

We played a lot in the kitchen under mommy's feet, yesterday! Here she is pushing her lion around!

look at me, riding my lion! I'm such a big girl! :) Yesterday I gave her a ride up and down the hallway on here! It was great to here her giggle and squeal...especially considering that she whined and clung to my leg saying, "mammy, mammy, mammy" whenever she wasn't getting a ride down the hallway! (and, yes, that is her new name for me- it's like mommy only with a long a instead of an o- kinda cute, but not so endearing when she's whining it!)