Thursday, October 31

One little shirt...

Today i found this shirt in a box of clothes I brought up from the basement for maysen and Maelle. It brought me to tears seeing it. I so vividly remember buying it for hailey. I looked and looked for a shirt that had a little brother and then twins, but couldn't find one, so this one had to do. I looked and looked for a shirt small enough for jack, too, but couldn't find one, so it was just hailey that got one. This little shirt brings back so many memories. Memories of sharing with people we were pregnant- with twins. Memories of how scared our hearts were. Memories of morning sickness and bed rest and early labor scares. Memories of crying and begging God to let all my babies be ok, to help me gain weight and to somehow, some way help our family get through this. Memories of laying in bed at night, feeling my twins wrestle and wonder how I could possibly carry them any longer...yes, it's amazing the memories that one little size 2t shirt can produce :) 

Saturday, October 19


Resting, relaxing and peaceful moments are few and far between in our wild and crazy house, but sometimes we sneak away and share some amazingly beautiful and peaceful moments. 
I'm not a hunter, have only shot a gun a few times, but times like this are awesome and make me wanna go with my husband each time he goes out. There are definitely a lot of advantages to dates in the duck blind, but the main one is the peace and quiet. It's so incredibly quiet sitting next to my husband in the duck blind...just him, me and the big open water. (and luckily for him I'm so desperate for quiet that I don't even talk that much!) :) 
The hard part is that these moments have to end :( I've been really making an effort to claim some peace and quiet in my day...whether it be in the morning, while the kids are still asleep, or the afternoon, while the kids rest and sleep. And it has been wonderful for my soul to Just spend some quiet alone time with me and God. Someday so just listen to music and recharge. Somedays I read my bible or he bible study book in working on, but each day I try to just take a few minutes for "me". A few minutes that isn't rushing or cleaning or wiping noses or disciplining and training kiddos. A few minutes of rest and peace truly does make for a better momma- over here, at least!  :) 

Wednesday, October 16

a new chapter...

I basically helped welcome a new baby into this world to come home and move my babies out of their cribs and into toddler beds. Nothing like driving home the fact that my babies are no longer babies!! 
On Monday Maysen and Maelle started climbing out of their cribs...on Tuesday they were climbing onto the top rail of their crib and jumping off. So, Tuesday night the m&m's moved to toddler beds! 
It was a little bit of a rough start...
I pretty much cleared out the whole room before naptime, shut the closet doors, and sat outside the bedroom door listening, but somehow they still managed to do this-
we now have a whole entire box of Sam's Club wipes in ziploc bags and one momma who is very thankful that she hasn't folded her babies clothes in months, so they were a lot easier to just shove back in totes and into the closet. (yes, somehow those little buggers figured out how to quietly open the closet door) 
apparently the idea of sleeping in a toddler bed was more exciting than the actual sleeping in a toddler bed!
The first night was pretty rough and the first two naps were rough...but, here's to hoping for easier and better days ahead :) I figure they have to get the hang of it soon, right?! 

Sunday, October 13

October 12,2013 a day I will not soon forget! It was one of the sweetest days of my life- the day where my sister allowed me the great privilege of sharing in her labor and delivery of my sweet nephew- Evan James Givens born at 6:29pm, weighing 7lbs 14oz and 21 3/4 inches tall! 
The day wasn't at all about me, but my favorite part was definitely holding his momma's hand as he made his entrance into the world! 

He is incredibly precious and his momma and daddy were so over the moon excited! There truly are some things that are sweeter when waited for and a baby is one of them! Felicia had wanted a baby for so long and faithfully trusted God to provide her one- which He did! Evan means "God is gracious" and I really couldn't have thought of a better name for such a precious gift! Welcome to the world sweet boy. I can't wait to spend more time snuggling you and getting to know you!! 

Saturday, October 12

Goofy kids

Hailey and jack were playing with my phone- they are some goofy kids :) 

Cute, but goofy :) 

Wednesday, October 9

A little trip

Jack and I were able to go on a field trip with hailey and her class to the pumpkin patch yesterday! It was so fun to interact with her teachers, meet her little friends and see how Jack did joining in on all the fun! 
He was a little nervous to ride on the big bus without any seatbelts, but he hugged ruffy and soon settled right in and just joined the kids in everything they did!  

Hailey and her sweet friend- who happens to be one half of a boy/girl twin set :) 
After the pumpkin patch we went back to school and stayed for a fireman presentation! It was jack's dream come true!
 My favorite part of the whole day was this: 
Jackson just sort of fit right in with Hailey's class. When they all lined up to go outside- he lined right up with them. I think he seriously thought he was part of the group :) (and the teachers were so sweet that they didn't even mind that he joined in- they even made sure he got a little fireman hat at the end of the presentation)
Hailey's class + Jack by the fire truck :) 

Saturday, October 5

Happy birthday, daddy!

Korey turned 30 on the 3rd. I guess it's official- we're both in our thirties, now! :) 
We celebrated in style- we bought cookies, ordered a pizza, let daddy go duck hunting, and opened a few presents. It was a fun little day! Hailey was the only one disappointed- that girl was just made to party and kept asking when all the people were coming. :) 
Here's jack making daddy his birthday cake :)

Wednesday, October 2

A date in the duck blind!

My little girl is bound and determined to be a hunter...she's tough, she's super cute in camo, she loves spending time with her daddy and surprisingly she likes dead animals :) 

Jack had to get in on the action, too! 

Tuesday, October 1


There's not much cuter than snugglie little kiddos :) I just sorta wish that snuggles weren't directly linked to sickness! But, I guess beggars can't be choosers, huh?! :) I'm just happy that we all seem on the mend, now!! 

It seems like my kids haven't slept well in a couple if weeks, but judging by these photos, they must have slept some :)