Tuesday, June 19

fun in the sun

It's been so hot the past few days and humid that we've just been trying to get outside and spend as much time in the pool and the sprinkler as possible! Even May and Ellie got in on the action...wearing their cute little swimsuits for the first time!! 
Yup, it's official- these are the cutest twinnies EVER!! :) 
 do ya think we may need a bigger pool?? 
 did I mention how much we all love having Korey home from work this week?? Tomorrow starts his "work" part of the week- where he's planning on getting lots and lots of work done at the rental, so we probably won't see him much :( booo!! we're all sad about that, but it's a necessary part of life! (and my big sister is coming tomorrow night to hang with us for a few days, so that'll make it less sad) It's just so wonderful and nice to have "daddy" around for more than just the weekend. Life just seems to run more smoothly...even when your son has diarrhea at the dinner table, all over his booster seat or when the same son poops on the carpet- runs to the bottom of the stairs, because he's sad and upset about it, then slips in it and squishes it all over the carpeted basement and his legs, then cries even harder (yeah, we're sooo excited about not having Jack in diapers- insert sarcastic laugh)
Ok, who do you think is cuter- Maelle or Jackson?? 

it's a toss-up, isn't it?? I think they're both pretty adorable and were totally "hamming" it up for the camera :)

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