Sunday, June 10

Great Grandma Breit

Today we stopped to visit Korey's Grandma. She hadn't seen our "twinny's" since Christmas and we really thought that it was time to make a point of visiting Korey's last remaining Granparent. Hailey and Jackson had a great time pulling out all of her toys, running around the house, feeding the birds, running through the sprinkler, drinking sunny D, eating cheesy puffs and telling Grandma stories- all while Maysen and Maelle crawled around on the floor and showed off their great smiles and amazing new skills! It's such a blessing that we have Grandparent's and Great-Grandparent's that are close enough to be a part of our kids lives. Korey and I both have the greatest memories of spending time at our Grandparent's- stopping by after school, mowing their lawn, having Sunday dinner, playing cards on a Friday night, eating waffles with brown sugar for breakfast, having them stop by and visit for a few hours...that it's exciting for our kids to be able to have their "share" of that! (or at least look forward to them having memories like that, someday) 

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