Tuesday, June 26

cutie girls

woohoo! our babies made it to 7 months old!! :) 
Today we had a little "photo shoot" to celebrate. I bribed Hailey and Jackson with cookies to help me and to play patiently...I'll leave it to your imagination as to who helped and who played quietly while we took the pictures :) 
Maysen's a little under the weather today...running a little fever and just generally wanting to be held...just not her usual happy and smiley self! We still managed to coax a few smiles out of her, though! 
"someone" (I'll let you figure that one out, too) decided she needed to play with the baby's # stickers while she was resting the other day, so we only have one 7 month sticker, so the girls had to take turns wearing the cute sticker and shirt :) (it actually was ok, because I only had one cute little white shirt, anyways) :)
Maelle was hamming it up today! She just adores her older sister and seems to shine when Hailey does her goofy smiles or makes silly faces at her!
of course we couldn't leave our resident princess out of all the pictures! 
I just loved the blue bow and flower...it really brought out Maelle's blue eyes! I wish the girls would leave bows or headbands in each other's hair, 'cause it would be so much fun to have them wear them more often, but it seems like the minute we put one on one baby the other baby rips it off and chews on it!! 
just couldn't resist a few at the end...Maelle was just too much of a ham to waste...poor May-may just wasn't into it, though...
don't worry after the photo shoot our neighbor came over and Maysen got snuggle after snuggle and both were happy as little clams!
ahhh, my sweet little twinnies!! I'm never going to go to a baby shower without buying the mom these little month stickers, again! a group of girls bought them for me and I have had so much fun with them- they're such a great idea and it's a super fun excuse to take pictures every month! 

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