Saturday, June 2

family time=fun time

Like probably every other family who's daddy has weekends off Saturdays are the best days around our house! They're so relaxed and its so fun to spend time with Daddy- especially when he doesn't have any projects that he's working on and can just sit and play with us all!! 
this is what I saw this morning when I looked out the back door...a little boy, his dog and his daddy sitting on the steps talking! (don't you just love how cute it is that Jack's telling his daddy some sort of animated story) :)
 then, Hailey kicked Allie out and took her spot...a princess always takes precedence over a dog :)
  the girls still haven't figured out a good routine and this afternoon they were a little can be evidenced by the fact that Maysen fell asleep on my lap!! Isn't that just too adorable?! Maelle was just hanging out and May snuggled up on her back and fell fast asleep...apparently as long as you have your sister you can sleep anywhere (except in your bed)! (and through anything, because we were outside watching Korey break up the concrete steps with a jack hammer- think you could sleep through that??) 
the kids and I took a walk this evening, but I didn't wanna take out the quad stroller, so we decided to take the wagon! It worked amazingly well and I have to admit that the kids look ADORABLE in it! :) (I guess I'm a little biased, though) It definitely won't work for long walks, because the babies still aren't very good at sitting up, but it was kinda fun to change things up and we can't walk for very long with Hailey on her bike, anyways!
once again- maysen fell asleep!! You'd think that she'd wanna sleep in the pack 'n play or her crib during nap time, but apparently its so much better to sleep "on the fly"- as she's now laying in her bed crying, as her sister sleeps!! I do hafta admit that babies are pretty cute sleeping- regardless of where it is! :) 

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