Tuesday, June 12

potty here, potty there, potty, potty everywhere!!

We're in the thick of round #2 of potty training at our house and I, seriously, feel like this could be the new theme song for my life! Surprisingly, Jackson has only had 4 actual accidents since we started on Saturday (all of them Monday), but 2 of them were pooping accidents that had both Korey and I chasing a pooping child all over the house! Yikes! That was definitely enough to make us wonder what we were thinking- tackling this potty training thing, again. :) 
Hailey has been our big helper and Jackson's main cheerleader- probably because I told her she could get a baby kitty when we go to build-a-bear with Jackson, after he's accident free, but I'll pretend that it's because she just loves her brother so much :) 
don't you just love the two kiddos, hanging out on the bean bag watching Dora, covered in a beach towel, with the potty chair hanging out in the background? :) 
We haven't gone anywhere or tried to put underwear or pants on Jack, yet- I'm hoping that we'll have good luck with pants on after he gets up from his nap, but for the most part he has been much easier to train than Hailey. The worst part has been the fact that I have 3 other kids who need time, attention, love, food, and diapering. Hailey has had 3 accidents since we started and the twinnies have been incredibly cranky, so I'm thinking that the lack of attention is starting to wear everyone's patience thin. Never is the fact that I only have 2 hands, enough room on my lap for 2 kids and an energy supply that seems so small compared to the demands on it, more obvious than when I'm trying to accomplish something other than just "normal" life! Thankfully, potty training shouldn't take too long and life will be back to its normal craziness in no time :) (or even better than "normal" because I'll only have 2 kid's diapers to change and Hailey and Jack will become "potty buddies" and help each other remember to take potty breaks...a mom can always hope, right?!) ;)

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