Monday, July 26

dancing queen

Hailey LOVES music, so Korey and I were pretty excited to see how she'd do at the dance on Saturday night...we definitely were not dissappointed! She was adorable! :)
she did NOT get her love of dancing from me...I am a horrible dancer and can't even keep rhythm very well at all!

jumping and twirling- I think she just loved to hear her shoes on the floor!

running and bouncing...she loved to move to the music!
any kind would work, but she's a country girl at heart- or at least that's what her Daddy always dances to with her, so she was a little partial to the country songs! :)

we practiced some twirling before the dj set up!

Daddy dancing with her baby girl! I can't coax him out on the dance floor, but he just took Hailey right out there- even before anyone else was dancing! :) Isn't he a great Daddy???

then, when mom and dad got tired she made some new friends...

this is Audrianna- a new friend she made and after the first dance hailey was hooked- no one else was good enough and if she saw her out on the dance floor she had to be there with her!! It was pretty cute. :)

A Wedding Weekend!

My brother, Michael, got married this weekend! It was kind of weird to go to my little brother's wedding, but it was exciting and fun, too, 'cause Hailey's never been to such a "big" event!
here's the little princess on her way to the hotel from the rehearsal dinner...she was pretty wore out already and the weekend had barely started!!

we made her a little "princess" tent out of the window shades, so that when we put her to bed she couldn't see us! It worked out pretty well, she still cried if she could hear us, but we ate a late dinner in the bathroom on Friday night and then by Saturday naptime my mom and dad were there and we had an adjoining room, so we could hang out in there while she slept! :)

we were a little early for, Hailey had a good time finding all the fun stuff to play with in the reception area! :)

Despite my fears, she was relatively well behaved and sat fairly still for the 5 minutes that it took for my brother and his new wife to become Mr. and Mrs. Michael Glorvigen! :) (then she was off and running again...)

the two reasons why you should NOT let Korey have a camera during a wedding ceremony!

my 3 handsome brothers waiting for the bride!

It was definitely a gorgeous place to get married...on a golf course! My brother made the pergola that they got married under, so they'll get to take that home and put it up at their house as a reminder of this day! Isn't that sweet??
my beautiful Grandmother's!

Korey and I...and Jackson! :) I'm definitely looking a little pregnant these days!!

Hailey was definitely a hit with everyone...which was nice, there were more hands to help us watch her and try and keep up with her! :) By the end of the night I wasn't even sure who she was with, but I was just too tired and wore out to care that much! I knew she was around somewhere and she always managed to find her way back when someone got tired of her! :) (one of the best perks to coming from a bigger family...) ;)

the wedding party...and my cute littlest brother, Phillip!! Hopefully it'll be a while before we have to go to his wedding! ;)

my middle-little brother, Justin! Looking all handsome and spiffy!! :)

Hailey is so loved by her Nani and Grandpa! I'm not sure I'd really want to try and take her on a weekend full of wedding stuff without them! In fact, Hailey loves her Nani so much that she often will pick her over me and she threw a huge fit when he Nani was holding another baby! Apparently there's only room for one baby in her Nani's life...better watch out baby Jack! ;)

playing with Lara, Sarah's neice, at the gift opening! This was after she threw a fit when my mom was holding Lara, so we weren't sure if she was trying to strangle her or tie a bow in her hair! ;) But, we gave her the benefit of the doudt and said "bow"!

On our way home we stopped, with my mom and dad and grandma, at the Olive Garden to celebrate my Grandma's 86th birthday! It was a great excuse to get out of the car and run around a little bit and have a little last minute excitement with Nani and Papa before we left them! :) All in all it was a fun weekend...a little long, a little tiring, a little sad, but fun nonetheless. The only thing that would have made it better is if my brother and his wife were starting out their marriage with their base as Jesus Christ! They aren't and that was the saddest part of the whole time for all of us. I pray, everyday, that they will turn their lives and now their marriage over to the One and Only Creator of Marriage, because without Him there is no reason to get married, there is no reason to stay married and there is no help to accomplish it! Korey and I will celebrate 5 years in another month and without the help of Jesus we would not be as happily married today as we are!

Thursday, July 22

Time's fun when you're having flies...

...or something like that! I wrote the title that way on accident and just decided to leave it, 'cause I wanted to give you a little insight on how a mommy of an 18 month old's mind works! Kinda scary, huh?! :) Well, we aren't eating flies here, but something is making Hailey grow by leaps and bounds and it sure is fun to watch!! :) I am still having a hard time believing that the sweet little thing that we brought home from the hospital is now the sweet little girl that lives at our house! (and, NO, she is not sweet all the she clearly demonstrated at my friend's house this morning by throwing her huge tantrum over having to sit on the floor and eat! But, neither was she sweet all the time, then, either...we just don't have any pictures of her screaming her head off!!) ;)
So, here's to me moving from being the mommy of a sweet little newborn girl to the mommy of a sweet little 18 month old...another milestone surpassed!! It's rather sad to see her grow up, but I can't help but be exctied about all the changing and growing that she's doing! Plus...I get a lot more sleep at night these days than I did when she was first born- at least for another month, that is! Then her brother will be here to take her spot as the sweet little baby who enjoys keeping the mommy up at all hours of the night! :)

Tuesday, July 20

Riding in the Rain

Hailey loves to watch the rain fall from our front door, so Sunday was a great day for her! But, it was even better than that...she's so spoiled by her Daddy, in case you didn't know...he put her rocking horse in front of the door for her, so she could rock and watch the rain at the same time! What a great Daddy, huh?!

I'm pretty sure this face says, "I love you, Daddy! You're the best!"

All Done Camping!

Yup, that's right, we are done camping for the summer! It's rather sad to think about, because I really enjoy camping, but we all pretty much look like Allie after our last camping excursion, so I'm definitely not gonna miss that! Usually we try to go camping once or twice a summer and we did make it once this summer, but between going to the bathroom about twenty times in an hour, having an active little one year old, being hotter than ever before, and an impending storm we didn't make it any longer than one night!!
We all had a great time, though- especially Allie and Hailey! Hailey was just happy to be outside, playing in the dirt and the doggie dishes at will- a huge bonus, though, was having her Aunt Kelly and Uncle Ben there to play with her and OP, their dog, to bother! And, for Allie, a huge bonus was running around with OP and playing in the lake!
The highlight for me was Friday night...after my second bathroom visit, Hailey woke up and was cold, so I brought her back to bed with Korey and I and kept her there for the night! She was so sweet to sleep with and I just loved having the excuse to snuggle with her all night. It did mean a night of barely any sleep, but I just treasured each minute that I got to spend snuggling with my baby girl. The sweetest part, though, was feeling Jackson move while snuggling with made me happy to be a Mom of two and even more excited to meet baby Jack!
I think the highlight for Korey was FISHING and buying a new rod and hat at the St Croix rod shop. I think that shop is the one reason that Korey has always wanted to live in Philips. (I guess I should love that part, too, 'cause it means that I already have Korey's anniversary present bought!) :)

Monday, July 12

It's always more fun with Daddy around

With just mommy we would never play on a frontendloader...

but, when Daddy's home for the weekend, we do! Public Service has been doing a lot of work down in Mosinee and ever since Korey saw the frontendloader sitting there he's been dying to take Hailey down to take some pics on it! Unfortunately, they didn't leave it open, so he couldn't take her inside, but we had fun anyways! :) (actually, Hailey was a little scared of case you can't tell!)
Mommy lets us have friends over, but...
with Daddy we can have friends over AND have a horsey race! (Meredith definitely won- she just went crazy on the horse- even trying to pull Hailey's horse with her, 'cause she wasn't going fast enough...we're pretty sure that there's "horse jockey" in her future!) :)

Saturday, July 10

A balloon here, a balloon there...balloons, balloons, everywhere!

Wausau has a hot air balloon rally each year and Korey I have went a few years ago and loved it, so the thought of taking Hailey this year was soooo exciting! I was looking forward to it all week! definitely did not disappoint me! It was completely different than the last time we went, but fun! I couldn't believe how big it had gotten and how many more people were there than last time. It was amazing- I guess the word had gotten around about how much fun it was!

they had a lot of stuff for the kids to do and although most of it was too big for Hailey, she loved the little balloon named Wally!

It was definitely past her bedtime by the time we even got there, so she was rather squirrely, but she did amazingly well considering!

Hailey's two favorite balloons...Korey really liked the space ship one, but these were definitely Hailey's favorites!

There's nothing like a little girl and her Grandpa to warm your heart! Hailey was super enthralled with watching the balloons blow up and she was so happy to have Grandpa hold her and let her get a front view look of them!

Then she was playing with a little boys balloon and popped of those times that you want to say...who's kid is that over there???!
I LOVE my baby girl! It makes me sooo incredibly happy to be able to take her places and do things with her. I love that she's getting older and able to enjoy more stuff, too! And, enjoy we did yesterday...we ate deep fried cheese curds, ribs, and coldstone ice cream! It was YUMMY!! Good thing I have a daughter to share all my cravings with! :)