Monday, June 25

7 months

woohoo! we're past the 1/2 year mark!! And, just as I had hoped...I think I can finally say that I'm not in survival mode anymore. Maybe I've just lowered my expectations so much, but whatever the reason I'm loving the fact that we may have rough days here and there (some due to Hailey and Jack, though), but as a general rule we have hit our stride and can handle life fairly well around here!! Thank you, Jesus!! 
Look at how much these girls have changed in 7 months?? I can hardly believe it! They've gone from little 4 1/2 lb "lumps" who slept all the time to little 14lb "monsters" who creep and crawl (yes, Maelle got up and did a real crawl for the first time this morning) around and terrorize their siblings and eat leaves and grass and dirt and basically anything else they can get their little hands on!!
 Amazing, isn't it??!! They hardly even look the same, anymore!! 

Happiest babies on the block!! :) 

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