Thursday, June 7

thankful thursday!

I'm so thankful for my one and only little boy! Korey and I were so blessed when he joined our family. He adds so much joy and fun to our little, what's not to love about a little boy who looks exactly like his daddy?? I can't even look at him without smiling because I see Korey in his little face and all his little mannerisms and expressions! 
The best part of Jack is that he does all this funny stuff without even meaning to. He's hilarious and keeps us in stitches all the this time that he was eating a chicken leg and just chomping away on it...what a big boy!
 I also just love how much he copies Korey. He's so in love with his daddy and tries so hard to do whatever Korey does- it's so adorable!! 
Jack is so tough. Yesterday he took a "header" right into the driveway and cut up his mouth and lip and nose- there was blood all over it and he was crying, obviously, but he didn't want to stop playing with his truck long enough to go inside and get all cleaned up! He just amazes me, this little man that God blessed me with! 
 his facial expressions are incredibly adorable, too. they just make me smile!
 ahhh, my sweet little baby boy. Korey and I always say how thankful we are that God blessed us with one little boy in this family full of girls :) Korey has his little buddy to go fishing or hunting or work on stuff with and I got my little momma's boy that I've always wanted! He's a precious little boy and I love him with my whole heart. 

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  1. Yeah, Jenni!!

    My mom has told me about you as well and I'm so excited you made it over to my blog so we could connect! Look me up on Facebook (Tara Cole), I'm on there waaay more than my blog!

    What a great blog you have here. And such beautiful children, you're right-you're only BLESSED Mama!!