Saturday, August 31

a Super birthday!

my little man turned 3 on Friday...we had his birthday party's been somewhat of a whirlwind around here, lately! 
But, it was fun to have 2 full days to just spend playing super heros, eating birthday cake and basically just having tons of fun!! 
 Jackson was born on my littlest brothers 16th birthday party. We call them "birthday buddies" :) 
 we once again had a beautiful cake made by a very creative friend! 
we had a bunch of super cakes and little masks, all ready for the little kiddos :)
Hailey helped make a cool little banner for the birthday boys!
 yummy, yummy cake!!
 present opening, playing dollies and giving hugs was all part of the super fun day :)
 Macy and Elli loved the day, too....well, they loved it all except for waiting for cake :) 
In so many ways I feel like Jackson has been 3 for so long...he just seems like he's in such a hurry to grow up and keep up with Hailey! Some days I just wish he would sit still and let me snuggle him and keep him little a little longer!! :) 

Sunday, August 25

Fun :)

We spent a night this weekend with friends at their cabin- with just our little boy! It was a little weird to do something with just Jackson, since we've never had him all by himself! He definitely missed Hailey, but our friends little boy was a good stand in :) poor thing got a little beat up, but I think it may be just jack's way of paying him back for all the picking drew did on him when they were younger ;) 
I think the whole family had a good time! I got to relax a little bit (but mostly got a lot of exercise walking up and down the very long and steep stairway between the dock and cabin- it seemed longer and steeper with each trip up and down) :) and spend a lot of time talking and playing! Korey got to fish and hang out with his BFF, so he was happy! Jackson got to fish, drive the boat, sleep with mommy and miss his nap, so he was happy! Hailey got to get incredibly spoiled by grandma and grandpa, so she was happy! And Maysen and Maelle got to spend time playing with Nani and Papa so they were happy!! 

Jack was pretty wore out from all the fun he had!! :) Isn't he just the most precious little thing when he's sleeping?! Hard to believe that this little boy is gonna be 3 at the end of this week...

Friday, August 23

It's a party!!

A NICU graduate party! 
We all got tattoos, face paint, petted a donkey and a miniature horse, held bunnies, bounced in a bouncy house, ate hotdogs and watermelon, watched a helicopter land and take off, ate suckers, read stories with the cat in the hat, and played tons of games!! All in all for 2 moms with 6 kids- all 4 and under- it was an incredibly successful evening :) (we all had fun and left smiling...well, almost everyone- elli wasn't so happy to be in her carseat) :) 

Tuesday, August 20

Happy 8 years, honey!

Today me and Korey have been married 8 years...2920 days and 70080 hours :) It's been the best 8 years of my life and the best decision we ever made!! On our wedding day someone asked me where I saw myself in 10 years and I don't think I envisioned my life how it's turning out...I'm sure I didn't envision it as wild and crazy as it is, but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world!! I'm so glad that God had a great plan for me and Korey and for our little family. I'm so glad that He's in charge of our life and not me, because I know that if I would have planned it out I would be missing out on some of the funnest and most blessed times of my life!
a little sneak peak at the card I'm making for Korey...idea, of course, stolen off of pinterest :) 
Every year on our anniversary I go back and look at our wedding vows and this year I was so struck by Korey's, part of it says, "I promise to do the best I can to raise a family that loves the Lord and strives to serve Him"...that's what you've done, Korey! I'm so proud of you. I'm so proud of the Dad you are and the man you've become! One of the greatest privileges of marrying young is watching your husband grow up before your eyes and I've witnessed the boy that I married change and turn into a man and I couldn't be happier or more proud! I turned 30 a few months ago and he'll turn 30 in a few more months and I know that we've just gotten happier and more content as we've aged :) I think the next 8 years together will be even better!! 

Saturday, August 17

Happy Wedding day to my little brother and his bride!

We all had so much fun celebrating with my family! I felt a little old to have my little brother, who I remember my mom bringing home from the hospital, all grown up and old enough to be married. They had an outdoor ceremony and you couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day or more perfect weather! My favorite part was definitely the sweet little ring bearer and beautiful flower girl, but I might be a little biased! Korey and I were both so proud of hailey. She had spent the entire morning either sleeping or throwing up and I wasn't even sure she was going to make it down the aisle, but she did! We were pretty proud of her and felt pretty bad that she had to do it while battling the flu!

Weddings are exhausting!!

More pics to follow, but for now we're just too tired and wore out!! 
Here we were on the way home last night- got in at 1 am :)

Monday, August 12

Goofiness times 2

Look at these goofy girls :) the twins have such great personalities, these days- I just love it, but especially love watching them interact!! I think it's only going to get better and better as they get older!!

Wednesday, August 7

It's that time...

Hailey and I went out today to celebrate "back to school"! It's a little early- we still have almost a month before school starts, but with all the busyness that we have going on the rest of the month I thought we should do our celebratory lunch date and shopping trip early! :) 
It's kind of fun to have a chance to start new traditions! All week hailey and I have both been looking forward to this day and we got lucky in that daddy worked last night so he got off work at noon and was able to join us after lunch, everything's more fun with him around!!! (Lucky for him he missed lunch at the new Panera bread) :) 
I'm seriously having a really hard time with the thought of hailey growing up and going to school- I'm gonna miss that little bugger around here!! It seems funny, but i think mom's can all agree that watching your little ones grow up is hard! 

Sunday, August 4

Our new swing!!

We put up a new swing! Maelle and hailey love it...maysen and jack are still undecided :) Korey really wanted to do a tire swing, but this seemed a little easier and faster :) 
Hailey is definitely the biggest fan- faster, faster and higher, higher have become her refrain! 
Jack tried it once and then after seeing daddy fling mommy on it kinda lost interest in going again :)
Maelle lived it and smiled the whole time- she even had such a hard death grip that we had to peel her off it ;)
Macy was not a huge fan!! 

Friday, August 2

A day at the doctor

All the kids had doctor appointments thus morning, so korey took off and helped me out :) we had fun, we giggled and laughed, but best of all the kids and i went out for ice cream afterwards! 
Only Jackson needed shots and here he is showing how tough he was when he got them. There were no tears, but a lot of growling or roaring at shots and when he was done he said, "it still hurts, momma, why does the shot still hurt?" :) poor kiddo! 
There may possibly have been some hiding under the chairs when it was time for shots...
Surprisingly everyone was fairly well behaved. :) 
I think daddy even had fun looking at the fishes :) 
Here are the new stats : 
Hailey age: 4 1/2, weight: 35lbs 3oz, height: 3'5"
Jackson age:almost 3, weight: 26lbs, height 3'11"
Maysen age:20 months, weight: 23 lbs 10oz, height: 2'8"
Maelle age:20 months, weight: 21lbs 15oz, height: 2' 7.5"