Friday, June 8

splash pad

I took the 4 kiddos to the splash pad downtown a few days ago and we all had so much fun. I was supposed to meet a friend, but she ended up not being able to come, so it was just the 5 of us. Luckily we all get along and had a lot of fun :) 
 It was kind of funny to watch Hailey and Jackson. It's not often that even my little girl is kind of "fearful" and holds back from anything, but every once in a while she does and the splash pad was one of them. They were pretty cute...sitting on the sidelines watching and laughing at the other kids playing in the water :)
 May and Ellie were incredibly well behaved at the splash pad, too!! Maysen didn't even get out of her carseat the whole time we were there. what a good baby, huh?!
 when they did get in the water, Jack, really loved the little car...he got so upset when other kids took his place. It was rather cute :)
 It wasn't incredibly hot, so the kids got cold fairly quickly...they were even cute all snuggled up in their towels eating cookies :)
 lets just say that Maysen wasn't a huge fan of the sun on her face :) Poor thing doesn't even have a sunshade on her carseat...
 Luckily for Ellie-belle she does have a sunshade and she had a great time giggling and playing in the shade :)
 Hailey had so much fun running and jumping through the water. She even made a few new friends. She's a cutie, this little girl of mine! 
 Maelle didn't last so long in her carseat- she got a little crabbier and had to play on the grass and stick her little piggies in the water :)
 Poor little Jackson, he's such a little lightweight and he had such a hard time keeping warm. He spent a lot of his time laying in the sun, wrapped up in his car towel and watching the train go around the tracks. It was pretty much the saddest part of the whole day that it was just me there with the kids so I couldn't go with him on the train. I think he survived, holding on to the promise that Daddy'll take him on it someday soon!! 
As one of the first outings that I went on alone with the kiddos- I'd say the splash pad was definitely a success! :)

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