Friday, June 29


Hailey absolutely loves life! You can't spend anytime with her and not smile and laugh and giggle. She does everything to the max. I'd say she's the "heart" of our family. She already is planning out our makes me laugh how much she just loves to "do" stuff. Every night before she goes to bed she asks, "who's coming tomorrow, momma" and if I say "no one" she says, "then where we going?" 
I had been really thinking about choosing a "life" verse to pray for my children. Instead of choosing whole life verse, right now, I found an idea on pinterest where you choose a new verse every year for each child. So, I chose for Hailey- "A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones" Proverbs 17:22  My prayer for Hailey is, "Lord, give my daughter a cheerful heart. Use her heart to bring about good and peace in her life. Don't let her life get dried up with a broken spirit- keep her sweet and cheerful all the days of her life" 
 Here's a few things that Hailey's been up to...
*still going potty in the backyard. Did I mention that this girls loves life and loves to have fun?? Yeah, she really hates to have to take time out of her "fun" to be bothered by silly things like going inside to go potty!!
*she's been incredibly helpful and fun to be around...but, there are definitely days that have been rough. A few days ago, after one of them, the kids and I were sitting at the dinner table and I said to Hailey, "today was kinda rough, honey, what happened?" to which she replied, "I was really, really naughty, today" I said, "why" her response, "I just feel like being naughty today"! Guess you can't argue with that, huh?! ;)
Gotta love my little girl :)  

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