Thursday, May 31

my little big boy!

Usually Jackson tries so hard to be as big as Hailey. He wants to have a juice box, drink out of a big boy cup, go potty on the toilet, buckle his own seat belt, sit on the bench for dinner, ride a bike, go down the fireman's pole, jump off the couch...and many, many other things! But, the truth of the matter is- he is closer to Maysen and Maelle's age than Hailey's. 
Korey and I are always giggling at how cute Jackson is and the funny stuff he says and does. Hailey tries so hard to be funny and make us giggle, but Jack- he just is funny. He's always doing funny stuff on accident. :)  Last night, Korey was wrestling with Hailey and I said that the tickle monster was going to come and get her and poor Jack got so scared and crawled onto my lap with a little whimper because he thought that a monster was coming and he was scared of it :) He's kind of a little "chicken" and scared of a lot of stuff, but that just makes him all the more precious in my sight! My all time favorite, though, is how he takes Hailey so seriously. He assumes that she's the boss of him and whatever she tells him he must do. And, for him, that often means giving up his sippy cup or his special plate or sitting on the side of the sandbox, crying, because his sister said he was in a time out. It cracks me up how much he adores her and listens to her! He really is the most easy going kid (most of the time...unless you give him milk when he wanted juice, you sit in his chair, take his blankie or he sees a treat that he wants...) and I love that. He never whines or complains about Hailey taking whatever bowl of snacks she wants or whatever plate of food or whatever sippy cup. He never throws fits about going down for a nap or to bed- he just blows kisses and off he goes. He even will substitute one of the baby's blankets for his, if I forget his. He doesn't often throw a fit about going somewhere or leaving from somewhere. He just sorta goes with the flow and is willing to do whatever we all do (or whatever Hailey wants to do)! The only place that he really truly hates to go is the church nursery and even at that, as long as we send the babies and a blankie he doesn't throw a fit! (usually) :)
 I'm really glad that my little boy is not growing up as fast as he'd like. I am so enjoying his age and his sweet, precious spirit! I don't want him to loose that. I know that someday he's gonna grow up and get bigger and not want to snuggle with me. I know that someday he's gonna go out and play catch with his Daddy instead of fighting over my lap. I know that someday he's not gonna be satisfied and comforted with a hug, a sippy cup and his blankies. I know he's not always gonna be fearful and run to his mommy for security. I know that someday those little bumps and bruises are probably going to be much worse. Sadly enough, I even know that someday he's gonna give up his 3 hour afternoon nap and just play all day...So, for now, I'll just revel in the fact that Jackson is still a baby and that he loves his momma, loves his sisters, and loves his blankies! :) 

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