Sunday, October 4

weekend with the Glorvigen family!

We were supposed to go camping with the Glorvigen family this weekend, but as it was super cold and rainy this weekend we ended up just hanging at my parent's house instead. I, personally, am really glad that we didn't go. I had a much more relaxing time just being at my Mom and Dad's. I'm not sure they felt the same way, since they had to do a lot of the work...but, hopefully we helped enough to make the weekend not that stressful for them. We did end up doing some pretty fun stuff and it seems like no matter what you do with family it's just fun to hang out!
Here's Hailey with her Auntie Fysh at "down on the farm"- a little place in Rapids that has animals, pumpkins, hayrides, games, and treats that you can buy.

Hailey "petting" the rabbit. The poor rabbit was pretty terrified of her, but Hailey had a super fun time. She kept trying to grab at its' ears, though...
Hailey hanging out on the pumpkins...she kinda blends in with her tigger outfit!
the sign says that you're not supposed to chase the chickens, but here Hailey is chasing the chickens with her Auntie Fysh!
we went to the cheese factory after Down on the Farm...she loved watching them make the cheese curds!
oh boy...cheese!!
yummy! Can I eat this, Grandpa??
ohhh...I guess I do get to eat, finally Nani is giving me some ice cream!
watching the cheese making with my Mommy!
Hailey really didn't want to take pictures with me...she wanted to watch the cheese making process, instead! I think she really does love me, but maybe just not as much as watching cheese curds in process!!!

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