Wednesday, September 30

she just keeps growing...

I don't like it one bit, but Hailey jsut keeps getting bigger and bigger on me.... She's always learning some new trick or "skill" and while I realy think it's fun to celebrate all of the little accomplishments, I really do miss the baby that just loved to snuggle and be held all the time! (I've kinda had a little taste of what that was like, 'cause she's been sick, lately, and does really like to snuggle!) :)
Here's Hailey's new skill- standing while playing with toys. She was kind of able to stand up on her own, before, but she never had the coordination to actually play with things while she was standing there...she used to reach for a toy and fall over! She still does fall over, but not as much and she can definitely stand there for a while by herself. I can tell when she gets tired, though, she gets a little wobbly and just looks at the ground, like she's not realy sure how to get there, but would kind of like to! :)
the giggly little girl playing with her book...she's actually growling at it, but we'll call it smiling! ;)
now that's a real smile! (i had to hold her book so she'd actually look at me!)
yup, now she has it back. I love how she looks at all the pictures, now. She even has her "favorite" books and the ones that if you get out she'll just keep looking at the basket until you get her a different one! :)

I love my little peanut, but it's sad to think that she might not be such a little peanut for a ton longer...I feel like she's grown so much already! I can't believe that this little girl standing here is the same one that I brought home from the hospital!! I also can't believe how much fun I can have with her. She's definitely my little buddy these days and I just love it. She laughs at things, now, even when I don't mean her to! I was telling Korey a story the other day and I said a funny sounding word (i forgot what it was, though...bummer!) in kind of a funny voice and Hailey laughed. It was so cute. And if Korey says, "wham" really loud and makes it look like he's gonna hit his head against the wall she just goes ballistic with giggles. It's great! I guess I am excited for her to get bigger and get more of a personality, but I just love the sweet little baby that I brought home from the hospital! That baby and I had such sweet, it was so much fun to sleep on the couch with that baby...Hailey never wants to sleep anywhere but her crib or her carseat! ;( more excuses for naps for me!

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