Friday, September 7

you are getting sleepy, very sleepy!

sleep is very important at our house
I have a fairly tenuous hold on life, on the best of days, and it seems like if something goes awry it all falls apart! We can be doing great for a few weeks, but then all it takes is a few early morning wake ups, or late night stay ups and we're back to square one with everyone crabby and a Mom loosing her hope and feeling discouraged! That's where we're at right now...Hailey and Jackson have gotten into a little "pattern" the past week of waking each other up at 5 or 5:30 and then waking the rest of the house up.  Needless to say this has been a rough week. The M&M's don't do so well when they get tired- they tend to sleep less during naptime and wake up in the night more- which leads to being more tired and cranky- it's a vicious, vicious cycle!! Hailey and Jack don't do so well without sleep, either. Jack makes up for a little of it by taking long afternoon naps, but for 2 days in a row, now, he's been waking up early from them so they haven't been helping to curb the crankiness too much. And, Hailey...well, she never naps, she tends to just get crankier as the day wears on. So, we're all feeling like we could use a little more sleep over here! Got any ideas?? I've tried putting Hailey to bed earlier- think 5:30 pm. I've tried putting her to bed later- she ended up falling asleep on the floor. I've put her and Jack in diapers, hoping that they wouldn't be woken up by their bladders. I've tried letting the babies cry. I've tried feeding them. I've tried waking at 4 am and listening for the kids, trying to take the "waker" up out of the bedroom before they wake the other one. All to no avail. This morning I found myself sitting at the table, coffee in one hand, Bible in the other and sobbing- asking God to please calm my anxious and irritable heart and help us all get through the day!  
Aren't they all precious when they sleep?? 

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