Friday, September 14

down for the count- again

Yup, we're sick, again! Yikes! I feel like we just got over the last bout of sickness and we're back at it already...
good thing we went to the library before it all really started and got some fun movies to watch and books to read! (sorry, no pics of the books- I was busy reading) :)
 this morning Jackson even threw up on the baby's head :( blech! Good thing Hailey was there and made me laugh, afterwards, or I may just have cried! 
 Hailey is mostly just really sleepy and lacking of attention. It's hard to be the oldest when everyone is not feeling well- she's the only one that can "handle it" and throw up in a bucket, when necessary, so she really  has been getting the raw end of the deal! 
 poor little Jack definitely has it the worst! Poor kid can't go very far from a bathroom and has woken up throwing up once a night for the last 4 nights :( He's also getting his 2 year molars, so I'm not sure if that's adding to it or not, but whatever is going on with him- he's been spending a good amount of the day crying and sitting on the toilet or begging me to hold him! 
 Yesterday was such a rough day that to break it up a little bit we all piled in to daddy's truck and went for a drive- the long way to Starbucks :) We only had to stop once along the side of the road for Jack to go poopy and once at a park! It worked like a charm, though- Maysen and Maelle stopped crying and whining at my heels, Jack forgot about the fact that he couldn't have juice and Hailey was distracted enough not to be begging for attention! 

Thankfully, today, my Mom came up and hugged Jack and took him poopy like 5,000 times, snuggled a baby or two and made us some yummy homemade bread!
 I seem to be "good" for the first day or two, but then as sicknesses wear on and the kids stay cranky and whiny and still need as much attention it gets harder and harder to keep up my good attitude, so if you think about it say a little prayer for quick healing and grace and patience for the momma! 

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