Friday, September 7

God and me

I've said this before, but I truly believe that God and me have this special relationship ;) (just like He does with everyone else who trusts in Him, but don't tell my heart that- I like to feel special) where I trust Him and He always pulls through for me! Case in point- today...I had been maxed out, I reached my breaking point. I was so overwhelmed, exhausted and just plain wore out with all the crankiness at our house and God sent my mother in law and a crazy idea from Hailey to rescue me. It started out with my mother in law coming up to watch the kiddos while I went grocery shopping (like she does almost every payday Friday) and Hailey decided to ask her if she could go to her house for an overnight. It was, literally, a God-send. My mother in law was able to watch the "littles" so that Hailey and I could get out of the house and go grocery shopping and out for lunch- just basically get a little break and enjoy one another. It did my heart and Hailey's a world of good. She was able to leave to go to Grandma's on a good note. 
Hailey is my precious oldest child. The child I begged and prayed God for. But, there are days that she and I are oil and water...we're a little too much alike for my own good. :) It was just a great day to get out and spend some time enjoying my little girl! And, as Korey said on our way home from Gander Mountain- "it's amazing how much of a difference just having one less kid makes"! It is kind of a nice little break for us and a special little treat for Hailey to get some one on one time with her Grandma and Grandpa! 

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