Tuesday, September 18

got crabby kids??

I have the perfect solution- a park with swings :) 
(because, apparently, the swings in our backyard are not good enough) 
you'll have to forgive all the pictures of essentially the same thing- it was the happiest my kids had been in days and I wanted to keep that moment forever in my memory :)
3 swings+4 kids= no problem for us- we just put 2 in one swing :)
Hailey once heard someone ask for an "under-duck" and she thought you could use any animal, so now they ask for under puppies, under kitties, under horsies, under firetrucks and each time I have to make the sound as I run under them...crazy kids, but I guess it accomplishes the same thing, plus it makes me laugh everytime I do it :) (not to mention everyone else @ the park and our neighbor's who probably think I'm loosing it) 
I see you, Macy girl!
nothing better than 2 babies in 1 swing
gotta love this little boy! even when he's wearing camo- dinosaur bibs and fireman boots he still manages to look cute and precious :)
my precious girl can barely go anywhere without her beloved baby Fina :)
what a happy little face
Sometimes it's just best to take a step back, leave all the laundry, the dirty dishes, the unswept floors, the bathroom that desperately needs cleaning and the mess behind and head for the park! 

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