Wednesday, September 26

10 months

Macy and Maelle are 10 months old!! woohoo!! We're only 2 months away from 1 and we're all alive and kicking :)
Here's a typical day in the life of the M&M's 

Happy 10 month birthday, crazy little monster babies!
Here's what you're up to this month:
*you're crawling- anywhere and everywhere- including up the stairs at any given moment!!
*you chase your brother and sister all over the house. You just wanna be by them all the time!
*You find trouble everywhere you go. You love to open the drawer of cups and bowls and pull them all out and chew on them and strew them all over the kitchen.
*you're favorite thing to do is follow Jackson and Hailey in to the bathroom when they take a bath and play with them- you giggle and laugh so hard when they splash and get you wet- which they love to do. It's so messy that most of the time mommy just gives in and lets you have what you want- a bath with the older two :)
*One of my favorite things about you is that Maelle- you always steal Maysen's nuk at naptime and she just cries and cries, but then she pays you back and whenever you're both having sippy cups on the floor she steals yours and makes you cry! You little girls are bullies in the making!
what a little bully :)
*your personalities are really starting to show and I love that. 
Macy you are definitely the more mellow of the 2. You don't giggle as easily, unless it's Hailey or mommy- then you all out belly laugh, but you smile at people more readily than Maelle. You let Jack hug you and kiss you more than Maelle does. But, when you get cranky or are feeling sick you definitely let your feelings be known. You're the one that's more likely to be found playing by herself or playing in another room, when everyone else is in another room. 
Maelle you are such a tiny little peanut. I think you're almost 2lbs less than Maysen, now, and everyone says that you are such a tiny little thing! You are more smiley and more "cranky"- both at the same time, sometimes :) You don't always smile when you don't know the person, but once you warm up- you're such a smiley little one! You are the one that's more likely to come crawling when I sit on the floor or to follow me wherever I go. You are definitely more of a go-getter. You're always busy and always finding some new adventure to drag your sister in to! 

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