Sunday, September 30

cutting down a tree...

is a very interesting thing to watch :)
 especially when Uncle Phil and Daddy are the one's doing the cutting!
 two of the pine trees in our yard died and Korey has been meaning to take them down for a while, so when my little brother (who is going to school to be a lineman) came up for a few hours, Korey capitalized on having the help and went to town on one of them. Philly got to practice his climbing and his chainsaw skills and we all got a little glimpse of what daddy does at work! The girls thought it was pretty neat! 

isn't Jack's face great??! We have no idea what he's mad at or who he's scowling at, but it makes me laugh!
 I think every parent wonders/worries that their child might not be like them and one thing that Korey and I really "worried" about was that our kids wouldn't like to be outside and wouldn't like to work. We both enjoy being side by side doing stuff- whether it's regular yard work or bigger projects. And, that was important for us--that our kids would enjoy being outside and surprisingly they all do seem to enjoy being outside and both of the older two tend to just pitch in- even without us having to ask them to! (as much "pitching in" as a 3 and 2 year old can do)
poor babies were so tired out...I kept waiting for them to fall asleep, but apparently it was just too interesting!! 
"princess Hailey" got tired out from all the work and took a break in Daddy's truck...isn't she a great little Diva??  she even convinced Jack to go and get her a snack and a drink, because "her legs were tired out"
my favorite men. for as long as I live I know that I will never tire of seeing Jackson copy his Daddy. It brings tears to my eyes every time I see it. Even if it makes me realize, again, how he's so quickly growing up and someday I will not be as cool or as special as Daddy!!

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