Saturday, September 22

footy pj's

aren't kids the cutest when they're wearing footy pj's?? :) 
I definitely think so- that and when they're actually sleeping...which seemed to not have been happening much around here, lately. I guess I would say the m&m's probably hadn't slept "well" since we moved them up from the basement and they were getting up earlier and earlier- waking up their sister and brother, most days!! I've found that one of my "triggers" for a bad day is when my kids don't get the sleep they need. I can put up with it for a day or two or even a week, but it was getting to be a long time with them all not getting the sleep they needed. This was leading to cranky and irritable kiddos, kiddos who got every bug that went around and basically just a dreary house! So, in typical Jenni fashion- it took me a while, but I finally figured out a solution to my sleeping dilemma. I moved the twins back to the basement in their pack 'n play. Moved Hailey (and Fina) to the twins room and put Jackson in a room all of his own. It's been 4 days, now, and so far, it's been a dream! Today, for probably the first time since the twins were born Korey and I laid around in bed until almost 7 am!!!! Can you believe it?! I, honestly, can't. (of course we still woke up at the crack of dawn, because now our bodies are used to it...but at least we didn't have to take anyone potty, get anyone a sippy of milk and we could watch the morning news from the coziness of our own bed, without any little arms or legs poking us from every direction) :)
As for Jackson, well, in typical fashion for him- he had a hard time going to bed without Hailey and the first night he woke up more times than I care to count, because he missed her being in the room with him; but once he got over that he's been a dream- sleeping until 7:30 or 8 each morning and waking up dry and happy!! 
Hailey LOVES having a room of her own, for just her and Fina to share. She's been going to bed really nicely and staying in bed quiet until @ least she hears the twins- if not sleeping until after 7! Awesome, right?! 

the m&m's- well, they're just happy to be back in their underground dwelling. I don't think they care at all that they're sleeping in the back storage room, surrounded by boxes and such. They're just happy as larks to be together, in their pack 'n play, listening to the washer and dryer and dehumidifier all night long :) 

I really truly would never believed that sleep would mean so much to me as a parent, before I had kids. I guess I can add one more thing to the list of "I never's" that I've done :) 


  1. there's just something about a basement isn't there :) maybe they'll continue to sleep better and better down there, and before you know it you'll be waking them up at 1130 am like Lydia today! what a dream
    glad the sleeping arrangements have increased the amount of sleep :) PTL !
    love ya, Amanda

    1. thanks, Amanda, the babies woke up early, but the older kids are still sleeping and I'm in love with it :) whoot! whoot! hahaha...well, I wouldn't mind if someday I had to wake them @ 11:30, but since neither Korey or I have ever slept that late I'm gonna guess that'll never happen :) I'm gonna tell my girls that one of the biggest questions for future husbands should be "how much sleep do you get a night" and if they sleep as little as their Dad they should just walk away ;)