Saturday, September 1

my new workout routine

 Before the twins started taking regular morning naps from somewhere around 8:30-11 every morning I went to the gym almost every day...since they started this new napping routine I have almost discontinued going to the gym :( It was a hard thing to give up- as it was a nice break from the kiddos and a nice time to chat with my friend and workout buddy, but as life gets easier time away from my kids becomes a lot less necessary, and absolutely it becomes a lot less necessary when it involves dealing with cranky kiddos for the rest of the day! So, you may ask...what am I doing to keep myself in shape and loose some of my twin baby fat?? Well, I have a new workout routine...
for cardio I switch up my routine, about every 5 minutes, but it includes: 
bike may be at the speed a 3 year old can peddle, but I think I make up for the speed in the fact that I pull 3 kids in a burley behind my bike 
cleaning up after my twinnies can definitely make quite a mess and haven't quite learned the art of picking it up, so I spend quite a bit of my day sweeping up after they eat and putting the toys away that they get out 
 chasing after my little twinnies. These little "movers" keep me on my toes and enjoy getting into trouble of some kind or another....keeping them away from trouble takes quite a lot of running and chasing after them! 
for "weights" I do some pretty exciting stuff- carrying 4 kiddos around. Luckily for me, they are varying sizes and shapes, so I get a fairly varied routine during the day!

 lifting all 4 of them in and out of the bathtub is a great upper body and lower body workout :)
 My kids are a great workout routine (not to mention all the running up and down the stairs- carrying laundry baskets and kiddos), but I would have to say that the best part of my new routine is 9 months and going and that is nursing! I burn probably close to 1,000 calories a day just sitting in a chair or on the floor wrestling my 2 wild monkeys getting them to eat, errr...I mean, snuggling and feeding my sweet precious cherubs :) While I do really miss the gym and my dear workout partner I think I'm going to be ok in the "keeping weight off" department :) (for a while anyways)

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