Sunday, September 23

waffles and pockets

Jack and I made waffles this morning and he insisted on wearing an apron- just like Hailey and mommy do, but when he put it on he was way more interested in the pocket than anything else and basically lost interest in making waffles :) 
 I love this little boy! He's so precious and so much fun to hang out with. 
I think it's hard to be the only boy in a group of girls! (daddy barely counts, 'cause he's not home all day long) He's probably more of a tender-hearted child than he would be if he were in a family of boys. He probably cries more than he would if he were surrounded by brothers, instead of sisters. He definitely shreaks and screams more than he would if there were more "man" influences in the family. But...he's so sweet and so soft and talks so well and hugs and kisses and loves on the m&m's and Hailey's baby Fina that I can't help but love the fact that I have a little boy that is heavily influenced by the girls in his life! :)  


  1. living in a house of only boys they do have there fair shair of crying and screaming, but no dought someday Jack's wife is going to be one lucky lady!! :)

  2. He is going to make some lady some day really happy and very special. I know other boys who have grown up with mostly girls in the family and they are the most respected of women! He is going to be a great friend, husband, and father someday because of it! :) weird to think about, but I just love how tender-hearted he is!