Thursday, September 6


If you're feeling discouraged...if the enemy seems to be throwing his flaming arrows from all sides- then this verse is for you, my friend! It doesn't matter what you're struggling with we can all cling to God's promise that He hasn't left us here on our own! I feel so encouraged knowing that this grand adventure of parenting is not one that I have to navigate and "do" on my own power, because on my own I'm such a failure. On my own I get burned out. On my own I'm an irritable and cranky mom. But with God "all things are possible!"(Matthew 19:26) With God "He shall supply all my needs" (Philippians 4:19)! With God "I am greatly helped" (Psalm 28:7)! With God, when I have no strength left I am given His strength and blessed with peace (Psalm 29:11)! With God, when I'm feeling overwhelmed I am led to a Rock that is higher than I! (Psalm 61:2)
I praise God that with His help I can be the Mom these kiddos (and they're younger sister's) need!!

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