Thursday, September 13


In honor of the girls getting their first teeth (or having the flu, not sure which) and spending most of the day crying, whining, and wanting to nurse constantly- I thought I'd post some pictures of some of the things that I love about twins :) 
I absolutely love when you look behind you and see these two little faces chasing after words necessary for how much I love this! :) 
I love how they're so curious and are such "big" little girls. They just have no time to sit down and just relax- they're go-getters and they just love to live life! They're always in some sort of "trouble" together or doing some sort of cute little thing and it's so fun to watch them come up with new adventures!
I love how my girls sleep holding hands. I love that when one of them wakes up crying the other one wakes up, too, and holds her hand or snuggles with her- or joins her in crying! (ok, maybe I don't love that part, but it's still precious) It actually makes it a little easier to let them cry for a little bit in the middle of the night or before bed when I know that they're not alone in their sadness. 
I love how these girls do everything together! There's maybe a minute or two that they'll play separately, but otherwise you'll always find them together. It's a very rare occurrence when one of them will even let me hold and snuggle one without the other one climbing up on my lap and begging to be held, too! (and I NEVER get to sit and nurse one unless the other one is greatly distracted) 
Having twins is pretty special and on the days that it's more hard than special it's fun to see them enjoying each other and to remember that the bond they have is something that is never going to be diminished.  When I had Jackson and Hailey so close together (relatively speaking) I imagined them as best friends and doing all kinds of stuff together and they definitely do, but the twins have something even more special than that- they have a built in best friend, one that they've been with since the beginning of their lives and that's something not many people can experience! All the whiny, crying, biting, teething twinny days are worth it when I see these two little matching faces smiling back at me!! 

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