Thursday, September 6

the m&m's

The M&M's have been up to so much these days...just being cray and doing more than they should be at this crawling up the steps!! eek! 
Poor Baby Maysen got her first black eye yesterday! She and Jackson were playing in a little trailer and he happened to step on the opposite side that she was on and it flew up and hit her in the eye :( poor thing was so sad...I think it hurt really bad, too, 'cause she's usually not a crier and she cried hard!! Thankfully she got over it fairly quickly and was her usual happy self :)
I think they might be ready to potty train...they've been following Jackson into the bathroom and really bothering him by crawling up on the toilet...poor guy, I know how he feels- it's rough when you can't even go to the bathroom alone! 
man these kids are messy doesn't help, though, when their sister decides to help me out and feed them while I'm occupied taking care of their brother who burned himself on a cookie sheet...there was food on the walls, in their hair, all over the highchairs and I shoulda just put them in the bathtub clothes and all- that's how messy their outfits were. (because, of course, I'd forgotten to put a bib on, in all the chaos) good thing I took this picture before Hailey stepped in to help... 
 the aftermath...
look at those cute little chubby, dimpled thighs!
I ran out to take the garbage and came back in to find Maelle checking out the cabinet...
 Both Maelle and Maysen have started pushing chairs and their little piano around and walking behind it...yikes!! I'm sooo not ready to be moving on to more of this trouble stuff!! 

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