Sunday, September 16


when I was growing up hunting was not a part of our life. We had one my uncle that deer hunted in our backwoods- so we had to stay inside for a week each fall, but that was pretty much the extent of my knowledge about the sport. I didn't realize that there were different seasons and opening days and different animals and different guns to use for each one. To be honest it just wasn't even on my radar. All of this ignorance changed the day I married my husband. This man loves to hunt. He says that he loves me more than hunting, and I'll pretend that I believe him, but I think the verdict is still out on that one. :) It's kind of fun that my kids are having a different childhood than mine. It's kinda fun to see them check out the animals that Korey shoots and it never ceases to amaze how they aren't even shocked by the sight of a dead animal. 
This morning Korey went goose hunting and came home with 2 "fat ducks" (as Hailey called them). The kids had a great time checking them out and helping Daddy clean them! If you can call dead geese anything close to precious- it definitely was precious! Maybe more so to watch my kids interact with their Daddy and be so in awe of him, than the dead geese! :) 
"look, Jack, Daddy got 2 fat ducks. he's really good"
can I touch it, Daddy?
I cut it, too, Daddy?
"peek"- she just couldn't resist the camera 
Jack did not want to get in on the picture...
this little girl loves her daddy and looks for any excuse to take a picture with him 
watching, watching, watching...
just had to throw this one in of Hailey watching Korey clean out the duck- you can try and try to get a little girl excited about hunting, but you just can't make her think cleaning it is that cool, right honey?? :) 

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