Friday, May 18

Mothers of Multiples

(or MoMs) are a different and special group of ladies...they have a funny sense of humor, a huge amount of compassion, the ability to "feel" short- they just "get" each other! I know this because last night I did something that was incredibly out of my comfort zone- I left my house after my kids were put to bed(when I'm usually changing into pajamas and settling in for the night), I took a bag of chips, an iced tea and took a drive, all by myself to a MoM's garage sale preview event! This was such a huge thing for me because, as much as I love meeting people and talking to them- I like to have my "comfort" with me- generally in the form of Korey, Hailey, Jack, Maysen, or Maelle. But, Korey pushed me out of the house and made me go and as much as I hate to admit he's right- I had a great time, I found some great deals, and I enjoyed driving in peace and quiet! The best part of it all was meeting mom's like me! I know that Mom's of twins have no corner on the "busy" market nor are they the only mom's who are overwhelmed, overworked, and overburdened; but it's definitely a different kind of overwhelming than I felt with either of my other kids! Never before have I met a group of mom's who I could just say, "I'm overwhelmed" and they absolutely knew immediately what it felt like, what I was feeling and could just give you that "I know" look! It was AMAZING to meet other mom's who knew exactly what I meant when I said I loved and hated nursing my twins...when I complained that I felt like a milk cow, but just couldn't bring myself to wean them...when I said my back hurt from it, I got looks of knowing and remembering...when I asked for advice and encouragement they were actually able to supply it from their experience! The second best part was meeting tons of mom's with older twins and hearing their stories of how cute their kids are and what my life will be like soon. In some ways Hailey and Jackson already have a very close relationship, but according to these mom's that is going to be nothing compared to what the M&M's relationship is going to be like and that's so exciting to me! It gives me hope- keeps me going- encourages me- reminds me that its not always going to be like it is now!  Mostly it was just great to meet other mom's who had twins and had survived! They all looked like they had it a little more together than me and that gave me hope! Hope that someday I won't be just surviving, hope that someday I'm going to have more time and energy to enjoy my twins, hope that someday I won't fall in to bed physically exhausted and overwhelmed every night, hope that truly God did know what He was doing when He blessed me with these two cherubs and lastly, hope that He will see me through it- just like He is these mom's! 

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