Wednesday, May 30

Kelly's new house!

 Last Friday Korey's little sister and her husband bought a new house...on Saturday we went up to visit and check it all out. It was super fun to see it before any work done- now we'll be able to fully appreciate all the work they do :) It's such a cute little house, perfect for a first home!! 
It even came with a fun glider rocking chair that the kids both loved playing on. 

 May and Ellie had a great time rolling around on the floor- cleaning it with their little butts :) 
 the best part about the house (if you ask hailey) is that there's an extra room with a bed in it- all ready for Hailey to go up and visit. She was even calling it her bedroom already :)

 the kids were already "breaking in" the new bed and trying out it's "bouncyness" ;)

Congratulations on the new house, Kelly and Ben! Thanks for letting us visit and see it!! 

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  1. aww...THANK YOU for coming up and helping us start projects!! :) Let the fun begin. You guys are welcome ANYTIME...the kids know where their room is! :) Can't wait...