Thursday, May 24

great moments

life has been crazy and fun are some highlights:
a few nights ago I forgot to turn the baby monitor on...oops! Not sure if it's coincidence, but surprisingly the girls slept the longest they had in days that morning ;)
 this sweet little princess decided to play "kitty" and pee in the sandbox...her great mom could barely stop laughing long enough to tell her that wasn't really a great idea!
She also learned how to "pump" on the swing!! woohoo!
 this little girl (Maelle) and her sister have started getting up on their hands and knees and rocking back and forth!! AHHHH!! would it be bad if I just pushed them down?? I'm so not ready for them to be crawling around... 
 both Hailey and Jackson are spending a lot of time outside, these days, and I don't always have the ability to push them on the swing or put them on the, Jack learned how to struggle and pull himself up on  swingset so he can head down the slide, run over the bridge or even, yes, try out the fireman's pole!
Jack and Allie have become fast friends, lately :) I think Allie's just so deprived of love and wants so badly to have someone pet her and pay attention to her that she doesn't care who it is, so she's had a lot more patience with Jack and has even been letting him crawl on her and hug her up :) 
 food has apparently been a big deal around here...we had decorate your own waffles one night when daddy worked late, oreos for breakfast the other day, thanks to my great neighbor, pickles for dinner (at least for Hailey, who gave all her hamburger to Jack and stole all his pickles)
Maysen and Maelle have started eating food!! woohoo! I dropped one of their late feedings and it has been AMAZING for all of us :) It's a little annoying to feed two babies, but it's totally worth it- plus, don't they look adorable in their little highchairs?? :) 
 One of the biggest advantages to having all your kids close together is that they are all at the same "stage" and they don't mind entertaining and playing with one another!! It's absolutely precious how much the younger two love watching the older two and the older two love playing with and smiling at the younger two!! 
My all time favorite, though, is the garbage trucks...Jack finally figured out that they come in the morning and pick up our garbage and he's been LOVING it! We've all had to sit and watch and wave at them...and we've all had to cry with and try to console the sad little boy when he realizes that it doesn't come every day- just on Tuesdays :) 

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