Friday, May 25

Great Grandma Yetter

I have always had a special place in my heart for my Grandma Yetter...not sure if it's because she lived around the corner from us, because we're so much a like (we even both burn cookies, because we're so busy trying to do a million things and forget about them...), or because she just let me get away with so much, but for whatever the reason I just love this dear lady!! She is one of the biggest reasons I've always been sad that I don't live super close to my mom or Korey's mom. I have such fond sweet memories of picking wild plums in her woods, sneaking over to her house, eating popsicles, "stealing" frozen grapes out of the freezer, watching TGIF shows at her house, sliding across her floor on the little slippers she knitted, helping her clean, and playing with my cousin at her house! She was one of the first people to see each of my children after they were born and I think it is the sweetest thing in the world to see her enjoy my kiddos! 
 I love you, Grandma!

Jack really is probably her "favorite", but he was sleeping while we were taking pictures, so she didn't get to have any with one of her only great-grandsons! (my cousin gave her two) :) 

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