Sunday, May 6

4 kids in a bath!

I finally did it...I put all 4 of my kiddos in a bath at the same time! 
As you can see Hailey and Jackson loved it...and Maysen and Maelle-  not so much!! 
Not that I blame them, I'm not sure I would really enjoy being in a bath with Hailey and Jackson, especially not for my first ever big kid bath in a little sitty up thing! ;) 
 Look at May and Ellie's faces- they have the exact same expression- pure horror! ;)
 they seemed to settle after a bit, though, and even let me wash them up and never even cried a peep! :) (maybe they were too scared to even cry...hmmmm...) ;)
Gotta love these 4 little faces! :) 
And the fact that we are selling our baby bathtub in the garage sale on Thursday!! woohoo!! Can you tell how excited I am that we are officially getting rid of baby equipment! I LOVE IT!!! We're moving on up and away from the newborn stage!! whoop, whoop for the Konietzki's!! :) 

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