Tuesday, May 15

more of the bike...

the kids and I went on our first bike and walk this morning...it was soo fun!
 doesn't she look so proud??  and happy??
 needless to say, Jack is not very happy that he doesn't have a bike to ride and has to ride in the stroller with the babies!
 the babies sure aren't unhappy about it, though!! :)
(of course we had to stop at a park...because there's like 500 of them in our town and you can't go anywhere without passing one) :)
AHHH! do you see these two daredevils at the top of the huge slide??
(at least Hailey's still wearing her bike helmet...that should protect her) :) 
 gotta love sisterly love
 too bad for Maysen there were only 3 swings...she didn't seem to mind, though, she enjoyed hanging out in the stroller chewing on the book she and Maelle always "fight" over!
 poor Maelle had to chew on the swing...i know, I know- it's kind of gross, but, seriously, isn't this one of the cutest pictures you've ever seen?? and look at those huge rolls on her arms??!! Ahhh, you gotta just love it! :)
I told you I thought Hailey's new bike was cute :)

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