Sunday, May 20

mini "me"

Jackson has looked like Korey since the moment he was born and has pretty much acted like him for that long, too, so you'd think that I'd get used to it, but honestly, it still takes me by surprise how much he acts like his Daddy and ALWAYS- without fail- puts a HUGE smile on my face!! I absolutely adore Korey and I love seeing Jackson act like him! :) 
 Ever since my friends started posting photos of their sons and husbands with lawnmowers I've been dying to get one of Korey and Jack...unfortunately, Jackson has been a little "skittish" of the lawnmower- specifically the noise of it! So, I've been talking it up a him his own lawnmower...and been patiently waiting for this day:
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my "men" :)  
(you may notice that Jack's not super close to Korey, but I guess it's safer that way, right?!) ;) 

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