Wednesday, May 2

so thankful to God!

This morning as I was up at 4:30am feeding my babies who had rolled over for what seemed like the 500th time of the night, I was reading a twins and multiples board and a mom was on there pouring her heart out over the heartbreak of delivering two stillborn twin boys and my heart broke. As tears poured down my face I remembered all those fears and times that I worried and begged God to let my girlies make it and was filled with an incredible thankfulness that He answered my prayers and gave me these sweet precious girls and filled my house with sweet precious children. Last night was one of those long nights of little sleep, here, and it's so easy to think about how hard life is on nights like that, but I'm so thankful for these kids and I am glad that when my daughter is scared of thunderstorms I can bring her into my bed, and I am thankful that when my son wakes up and his teeth hurt I can snuggle him and get him a glass of milk and that calms him down, and I'm so happy that my baby girls are happy and healthy and that even when they roll over in the middle of the night they are smiling and cooing when they see me and that I can nurse them and don't have to struggle to hold two babies and make bottles in the middle of the night! 
 God truly blessed my children with each other. 
 It worries me sometimes when I hang out with friends and my kids seem to play by themselves or with each other, but tend to ignore their friends...but, Korey reminds me all the time that they have all they need in each other! They have a best friend that lives in their same house and they don't really need anyone else. Yesterday, Jackson's teeth must have been hurting him and he just wanted a hug and someone to hold him, but I was making dinner and Korey was holding the twins, so he went to Hailey and she just hugged him and held him and I almost cried because it was the sweetest thing I had ever seen! 
 That thought makes my heart happy! I'm so glad, when I see things like this, that I had my kids so close in age. I know that they are going to have great times together as they grow!

 Love, love, love that my kids all love each other! That is a huge answer to prayer and I know that it is a blessing from God that they have a love for one another and don't seem to have "jealousy" over mom or dad's attention to another one! 

Ahhhhh! The love of siblings. 
There's a big "to do" in our county, right now, between parent's of twins and the school system on if twins should be kept together in the same class or separated and I know that if it doesn't get resolved (in the twins together favor) before my little girls get to school I will fight for them to be together and will not make them go to class without their best friend! 

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