Tuesday, May 15

mother's day fun!

In celebration of Mother's Day we went for a walk to Briqs for ice cream cones :) 
(we also grilled out steaks, I got my hair brushed by my beautiful daughter and was given a handful of handpicked flowers- straight from my flower garden) ;)
On Saturday we went and bought Hailey a bike with our garage sale money and she absolutely loved it! (so much that she got up at 5:30 two mornings in a row to ride it)
Sunday was her first time riding her bike while we walked and it was definitely an adventure for all of us :)
 not quite the adventure that the eating of ice cream was, though :)
 we all learned some valuable lessons on Sunday: 
1)never go out for ice cream without a whole, unopened package of wipes, because if you have any less you'll most likely run out!
2)ice cream cones are not good food to give your babies to munch on when they seem hungry and you don't wanna nurse them
3)the chances of your 1 yr old and 3 yr old eating ice cream fast enough to not have the babies get bored and start screaming is incredibly low
4)riding your bike to Briqs for ice cream might seem exciting, but its a little too long for your first bike ride
5)our quad stroller not only carries 4 kids, but it can also carry a bike (fairly easily) :)
6)your kids really don't care that much about Mother's Day...mine got up at 5:30, were incredibly crabby and whiny all day, and all 4 of them did whatever they could to stay up longer than they (and their mommy) could handle!! 
7)its way more fun to watch your kids enjoy ice cream than it is to eat it yourself! I truly enjoy watching my kids enjoy the little things in life :) 
8)it never grows old to watch your kids learn new things. I remember how excited I was when Hailey rolled over for the first time and it wasn't any less exciting to watch her ride her bike for the first time! It was awesome and I loved it! (until she melted down in the middle of the road and we had to carry her bike home...that was a little less awesome of a "first") 
Happy Mother's Day!!

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