Saturday, May 26

6 months!

Maysen Ann and Maelle Kay have been a part of our family for 1/2 a year, now!! Yikes! Can you believe it?? I, seriously, can not!! It truly doesn't feel like I've been a mom of 4 for that long, but I guess it's true- the calendar doesn't lie :) 
Here are some new photos of my two sweet princesses!

these girlies are growing up fast, too! It's leaving all of us in awe and just plain impressed with all the stuff they're learning and doing these days:
*Both girlies LOVE the swing outside. We found a second one, now, and they both just love to sit out there and swing and watch Hailey and Jackson run around and play- it's wonderful!!  
*Both of them are eating cereal, mixed with some prune juice. 
*Maelle is still our "mover and shaker" of the two and gets around a lot more, but it's not because Maysen can't, because when she wants to she'll get all over the basement, she just seems more content to just sit and play with certain toys and let Maelle do all the rolling around :)
*Both girls are getting up on their hands and knees and rocking! I know- super YIKES!! 
*Maysen tends to smile and chat a little bit more than Maelle, but now that I say that I'm sure Maelle will be the chattier one tomorrow- they love to prove me wrong :)
*the girls are still doing great at nursing together and even with the fact that they're getting a little bigger- they are so much easier to feed. My back has been killing me because of the weird position we have to sit in, but it's still nicer than before! And...the best part is- they are eating a TON faster, now!! Yay! the longest they nurse is in the morning and that's sometimes for 30 min, but all the other times are under 15 minutes!! woohoo for more time to do other things!! :) (boohoo for less excuses to not fold my laundry...) ;) 
*the girls also are getting a little harder to keep on the same schedule. It seems like every other day one of them will want to sleep less/more than the other one and it's so incredibly hard to wake the good sleeper up, knowing that when I put them both down one of them is going to scream and cry 'cause she's not ready to fall asleep yet! I have heard that this is just a stage and I'm hoping it's a very short lived one :)
*May and Ellie are just the biggest smilers and they both love to giggle and it's so much fun!! We all have been enjoying them tons- especially Korey and Hailey!! :)
*Both of the girls are sitting up in the shopping cart- making it a lot easier to take them grocery shopping or on trips to Target ;) 
*I really can't believe that we all made it 6 months. I've heard that the first 6 months with twins is the hardest and I'm praying my heart out that that is true. I have really loved being a mom of twins and have enjoyed life with these two little ones, but it has been an exhausting and purely crazy 6 months and I'm just really looking forward to a little bit of an easier time in the next 6 months! (or at least hoping for it...) 

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