Tuesday, May 1

Happy Birthday, Kelly!

My kids absolutely adore their aunt Kelly...and birthday cake and candles and parties and singing...so, it was extremely exciting to be able to celebrate her birthday with her this weekend!! 
 we all had so much fun! 
(even Maysen and Maelle, who got a bottle from aunt Kelly and more snuggles and cuddles than they generally get when its just Korey and I here, but no pics of them...we were kinda busy) :)

Happy 27th Birthday, Kelly!
You are one of the most generous, sweet, incredible, and loving women that I know. You are a great daughter, a wonderful wife, and an incredible aunt! You just give and give of your time and talents to bless others and I just love that about you. God has truly blessed me by giving me another sister in my life and I thank Him, often, for you! I love that when I "see" Hailey's personality it makes me think of you, because I think you have turned out incredibly well and I pray that she will be like her aunt in many ways. May God bless this 27th year of your life in incredible ways. (we're still praying for a baby...no matter what you say...hahaha...) :)
I love you, Kelly, and so does my whole family! 

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  1. Thank you Jenni!! You are too kind!! I LOVED spending it with you guys this weekend...was awesome to be with you guys and hang out. THANK YOU for the cakes! :)