Sunday, May 27

8 years...

Today in church I realized that it was only 8 short years ago, this weekend, after a church picnic, that a very cute boy- who was home from Madison for the weekend- asked me to go run errands with him at Walmart...and the rest, as they say is history!! 
I'm soooo thankful for this man. He is my rock. I just absolutely adore him. I think he's super sexy and incredibly hot. I know that I am (without a doubt) more in love with him today than I was the day that we got married and I know that I think he's way more incredible now than I did then. I've seen him weather some pretty huge "catastrophes"and do it all with humor and grace. I've seen him cry at his grandpa's funeral, I've seen him tear up as he held his beautiful first born daughter, I saw him glow with pride as he held his son who looked so much like him and I saw his fear filled daddy eyes as he followed his twin daughters to the NICU. He has held me and comforted me, through some of the scariest, darkest and most fearful times of my life. He has made me laugh at his silly stories, songs, and antics. He has kept me hopping and going trying to keep up with his energy and stamina. He taught me to fish, to shoot a gun, and most importantly to kill my own spiders. He does laundry- even folding tiny little baby clothes. He makes dinner. He mows the lawn. He feeds babies- I call him the great baby whisperer, because even if Maysen or Maelle won't take a bottle from me- they always do from him. This man means more to me than anything else in the whole world. I just love how we can be whoever we are with one another. That we can laugh at ourselves with each other. That we can be embarrassed but then come home and tell the other one and laugh and giggle and make fun of each other and it's all ok, 'cause we know we are head over heels in love! All those things about Korey are so wonderful, but what I like the best is that I know that he is going to come home every night. I love the security of knowing that even though my bed may be empty for a night or two that he'll be back and that he's always gonna be there. There is absolutely no way that I could handle each and every day without the knowledge that Korey's got my back!
I love you, honey, and I'm so glad that you invited me on that "date" to Walmart 8 years ago!! Let's get away to Walmart, again, some day soon!! ;) hehehe!! 

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