Saturday, December 1

christmas parade

this evening we went to the christmas parade- it was one of the nicest days that we've had around here, so it was the perfect day to take all the kiddos and head out to see all the fun lighted floats! 
here they all are dressed and ready to go...
our m&m's enjoying the parade :)
forgive the poor quality pictures...still trying to figure out how to make my camera work :)
we went with some fun friends and it was definitely a blast- most things are more fun when shared with friends, but parades are definitely better when shared with friends! :)
I just love this picture of my friend, Erica. She's such a gorgeous girl- inside and out! I love how she's a mom of 2, but still manages to be incredibly adorable all the time!! :)
tomorrow is the m&m's birthday party and it's been kind of fun to get a few little glimpses into what our life is going to be like "soon" and how it's only going to get easier and easier to get out and about and do more and more without it just being incredibly stressful!! 

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