Wednesday, December 19

the faces of Jack

Jackson is so cute, but he hates having his picture taken, so I decided to ask him to do some special faces for me and he totally got into it and did the cutest faces for the camera!! :) 
This little boy is so typical 2 year old it's almost scary. I feel like one minute he is on the floor screaming and crying and throwing a huge fit over not getting milk in the sippy cup that he wanted or throwing his food on the floor because, "I don't like macaroni and cheese- yucky" (doesn't matter what it is- he arbitrarily decides what he likes and doesn't like based on some sort of weird 2 year old childish whim that changes with the hour or even minute) But, the next minute he could be crawling up in my lap to "snuggle wit' me" or singing to the babies (He sings Jesus loves the Children and Jesus loves me like a pro) or asking me questions about Jesus. He has an incredibly soft heart and he loves to talk about Jesus and Jesus being in his heart or helping him be strong and mighty or things like that. It's so precious to me to hear and see his little heart. 
He and Hailey have really gotten into story telling, lately, and he was telling his Papa a story about Shadrack, Meshack and Abendigo and it was going all well and good, even following the storyline somewhat, until a dragon came into the story! It's funny that I don't remember that being in the Bible, but maybe Jackson knows something that I don't :) His favorite story of all time is the one about the little boy named Jack who had his Clifford and Tigger stolen by a dragon and how he went all over the lands looking for them so he could go to bed and when he finally found them he made friends with the dragon, so maybe that's where it came from ;) We may or may not have some wild imaginations over here!!

I really can't get over how my sweet little boy is growing seems to be happening overnight and it makes me so sad!! Korey and I both are a little sad that there's no chance of us ever having another little boy to add to the family, because even on the worst 2 year old days this one is incredibly precious and dear to both of our hearts!!

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