Tuesday, December 18

random cuteness

I love taking pictures of my little twinnies and today they actually got dressed and found their way into some adorable little outfits, so I just had to take some photos to commemorate the occasion :)
Maysen was totally hamming it up for the camera!
the girls have been standing up and taking a few steps at a time, but no real walking, yet.
Maelle where'd your shoe go??
Maelle's hair has been so wild and crazy, lately...I need to put it in a little ponytail almost every day, just to keep it from getting crazier :) (she does choose to smear her food through her hair at every meal and I'm pretty sure that doesn't help much) 
don't you love their little red ruby slippers?? I got them from a friend of mine and just loved them so much that I had to find an occasion to put them on the girls! (they didn't last long on their feet...but were absolutely adorable while they did)
Maelle wasn't quite into taking pictures today- at least she didn't wanna sit still and look cute while I took her picture- she was a little too busy!! 
we've really been enjoying some fun days of counting down to Christmas! The kids wake up each morning so excited to see what our sock says we  have to do while the babies take their morning nap :) Today we went and took cookies and christmas cards to the little old lady who sold Korey and I our house. (we didn't leave the babies at home- we all went together) 6 years ago this lady accepted an offer from 2 incredibly young people over all the other offers on her house- including ones that were higher than theirs, hoping and praying that they would fill up her house with love and children ;) We did just that and I've tried to continue to keep her "in the loop" with our lives and visit her a few times a year! She loved on the kiddos and ooh'd and ahhh'd over the twins and cried with happiness that the house her Daddy built for her is so full of laughter and fun! (her tears may have been more about the dirt all over her carpet after Jackson dumped over 2 of her house plants, but I chose to think it was more tears of happiness than sadness)

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